26th March 2010 Silves to Senhora da Rocha (Porches)

26 03 2010

We were up at a reasonable hour and just in time to see around 200 children being marched into the area in front of the swimming pool in Silves, mainly in pairs, the train of bodies all wearing similar t-shirts took a while before it ended and when they were all assembled in the area the music and dancing started. We were intrigued as to what was going on so we had a walk up with Jack. It was obviously some kind of keep fit exercise for the children with two dancers on a temporary stage leading all of the moves. We watched for a while before heading into town. I think Silves is one of my favorite places to be, modern in places and in others almost a slum but the people and atmosphere in the place is just so relaxed. We visited a ‘chinese’ shop which sold just about everything and we picked up a few things that we needed before going to a small cafe for some breakfast. When we returned to the motorhome we locked everything down and headed back to Senhora da Rocha for the rest of the day.

Lorna spent the afternoon with Phillipa and her friend Bev whilst I sat in the sun on the cliff tops listening to the sea crash onto the beach below, playing silly games on my iTouch and having a nice relaxing pint of Sagres. We had made arrangements to go out for a ‘final night of the holiday’ meal with our two visitors and at 9pm we sat down in a superb Italian restaurant in between where we were parked and the hotel. My mushroom and gorganzola starter was excellent and my pizza main course was equally as good, although I didn’t have one the fillet steaks were enormous and beautifully cooked too.

Motorhome and Moon

We all had a great night.

Tomorrow we will probably end our little liason with this part of the Algarve and will move on but we are not sure if we will head east or west. I need to return early next week to see if my hard drive has been delivered to the hotel so the likelyhood is that we will head west to Sagres and spend a bit of time on the west coast of this lovely country. I think we are both decided that we won’t go to the Costas of Spain now, we will make a point of visiting both Cadiz and Gibraltar and will then probably head north either back up Portugal or through Spain before heading to the south of France and then east before finally going north on our way back to the UK.




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