25th March 2010 Silves

25 03 2010

Well, what an amazingly lazy day we have had.

It was raining in the night and early morning through to nearly mid-day so we confined ourselves to the motorhome and made use if the free wi-fi to do some financial tasks as well as some other web browsing which resulted in us applying for a job back in the UK as workers on a campsite in Devon, only a two month job but it would suit our needs fine, somewhere to stay, a bit of money coming in and, in the UK closer to friends and family. I very much doubt we will be selected as we won’t be back in the country until late June and the job starts mid-July, hardly helpful for interviews etc but we’ll see what happens.

When the rain stopped we headed out to investigate the town of Silves a little further and it was pretty much how I rembered it from a previous visit many years ago, narrow cobbled streets with some amazingly decaying houses set inbetween other ones in better condition and very colourfully painted.

Doors and Windows - Slives

Up at the castle we remained outside the walls as we had Jack with us. Walking back down into the town area I satisfied my ‘thing’ for photographing some great doors and windows, these little streets are packed full of interesting textures and colours, I could spend hours doing it. I still can’t post any photos as the laptop is still FUBAR*.

Via the local supermarket where we bought some nice ham and some frozen cubed potatoes we headed back to the motorhome and had ham, egg and ‘chips’ for a late lunch and then spent the afternoon relaxing whilst more rain came down and gave us a lovely full rainbow in the sky.

The evening went pretty much the same way, both of us relaxing and feeding ourselves Piriton to stop the mad itching we both have from mosquito bites. Precautions now include not opening the door with the lights on and applying every manner of garlic, orange and citronella oil to discourage their attacks in the night. I have a bite right on the sole of my foot which is making walking most uncomfortable, just wish Jack could do the same job on mosquitos as he does on cats!!

* f****d up beyond all recognition.




One response

28 03 2010
David Turner

(Not too much) good luck with the job-hunting! I guess that you’ve got mixed feelings about embarking on paid employment after three months mooching around western Europe. The state this country’s in, I think that you may be in the best place. Today the clocks went forward here and it was a lovely sunny day but it wasn’t too warm this evening. There were. however, some midges around, but nothing that was likely to bite the soles of our feet – that sounds painful!

Looking forward to the photographs…

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