24th March 2010 Senhora da Rocha (Porches) via Armacao de Pera to Silves

24 03 2010

After a fairly early rise for me, always the same when i’ve had a few tipples the night before, we decided that as we still needed water and had two toilet cassettes full that a couple of days on the local campsite wouldn’t go amiss so at around noon we left the spot at Senhora da Rocha and headed off to the other side of town to the campsite there.

We pulled up and registered and then found a pleasant spot at one end of the site where we parked. I took Jack for a good walk into town and when I returned carried out the most enjoyable task of emptying two full toilet cassettes. After this I filled up the water tanks and then went for a shower in the very clean shower blocks.

As we are now getting decent sun most days I decided that I needed to lose some facial hair and set about cutting my beard down to just a goatee, now my cheeks might see some sun at least.

After a short spell of rain the sun came out again so I put the awning out as well as the deck chairs and started writing today’s blog. I got as far as campsite when Jack, who was tethered to the motorhome steps jumped up and shot forward, he’d spotted a cat. I waited for the usual recoil when the cable reaches it’s 2 metre stretch but it didn’t come, instead Jack was off on the chase. He had rushed forward with so much speed and strength that the plastic clasp on his collar had broken.

I chased after him but he already had the cat in his mouth when I caught him. I did manage to seperate them but it was too late, the cat had put up a good fight leaving Jack scratched and bleeding but it wasn’t enough. The commotion had bought a few people out to see what all the excitement was about, including a Belgian guy who had seen the entire thing, he was very quick to tell everyone that Jack was in fact tied up and not running free (initially at least). After we had Jack back on a lead I went to reception to let them know what had happened and they hardly batted an eyelid, apparently they have a big problem with wild cats on the site and they seemed almost grateful. When I returned Lorna was still chatting to the folk who had come out and later told me that an English woman had told her of a recent incident where some people next to her were throwing stones at the cats to discourage them from being around their pitch. Apparently some cat lovers on the site took exception to this and allegedly carved a big scratch along the side of their caravan. With this we decided that it would probably be wise to leave, the cats would drive Jack mad and I wasn’t prepared to risk having the motorhome damaged.

We decided to go back to Silves as we didn’t get chance to have a good look around when we were there a few days ago, free parking and internet access also helped. So, after washing Jack down and cleaning up his wounds we headed off, stopping only to refuel (the price of fuel in Portugal is steep, €1.15 per litre of diesel and €1.42 for unleaded) and to do a quick shop at the supermarket. We pulled up in Silves at about 6.30, just as the light was fading, cooked up some hamburgers for dinner and had a restful evening after the days madness.

First job tomorrow is to replace Jacks collar with a stronger one, though I have a concern that next time he decides to sprint off whilst tied up he will either rip off the motorhome step or, break his own neck. Daft dog!




5 responses

25 03 2010
David Turner

Sorry to hear that Jack has disgraced himself, either by his efforts with the cat or by trying to destroy the motorhome steps. If it’s any consolation, our Ben (also a lurcher) bit the DHL delivery driver’s bum yesterday!

25 03 2010
Steve Green

Bless them eh! They know not what they do. At least a can can’t sue I suppose 🙂

25 03 2010

Personally, I would have stayed. While I’m totally against bloodsports, cats are evil, and need to be terminated. Good boy, Jack.

25 03 2010
Steve Green

I’m not a cat lover either Scott but I’d still prefer it if Jack was a little more calm around them, would save lots of explaining!

26 03 2010
andy bubble

Jack 1, Johnny foreign cat nil. mmmmmmm. Sounds awfull. Hope jack is okay.

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