23rd March 2010 Senhora da Rocha (Porches)

24 03 2010

Another beautiful day in the Algarve when we got up. Lorna went and had breakfast in the hotel with Phillipa whilst I walked into the main town of Armacao de Pera, about a 40 minute walk, for a look around and of course to give Jack a good walk as we were thinking of eating out that evening. The town had changed since the last time I was there in the late nineties with the main road through town now all nicely paved and pedestrianised making it a much more pleasant place than I had memories of. I walked past the hotel I had stayed in and that looked pretty much unchanged, then right to the other end of town where I stopped for a late morning beer at a small cafe. Whilst there I was approached by a heavily pregnant woman asking me for a light. Moral dilemma time. I pointed at her belly and drew a sharp breath but she reassured me in English that her doctor had said it was ok to smoke 7 cigarettes a day but no more, she then explained that she only has two so it was fine. I told her that in England the doctors would not say that and in our country smoking whilst pregnant is frowned upon thus my initial reaction. I caved in and gave her a light, I really shouldn’t have commented at all I suppose as it’s her choice and not for me to have an opinion on.

View over to Armacao de Pera

As I was walking back the clouds came over and it went a but dull. Back at the motorhome I made myself a sandwich and then had a good tidy out, shaking all of the carpets outside, washing up and re-arranging the seating. The Velcro tabs that hold the cushions in place were too high and had started damaging the actual fabric of the cushions so I moved them down so they connected with the bit they should, not quite as effective as they now sit in between two table runners but at least the fabric is protected from further damage. Lorna then phoned and said that they were considering lunch at a fish restaurant on the beach next to where we were parked but as I had already eaten I said I would join them for a drink. My appetite soon came back though and I was soon with them tucking into a calamari starter and sea bass main course, lovely. Back at the motorhome a couple if bottles of wine later was sat outside and chatted with another couple from the hotel and a good afternoon and evening was had by all.




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