22nd March 2010 Silves to Senhora da Rocha (Porches)

22 03 2010

I was awake fairly early today and got up to take Jack for an early morning walk, it was clearly going to be a hot day as the skies were clear and the temperature was rising quickly. I had a wander down to the far end of the cat park with some 5ltr water bottles so I could top our water tank up a touch as we hadn’t seen a tap yesterday and were starting to run low. I spoke to Lorna at about 9am and it sounded like she had had a good night of it, and she was planning to have a drive around with Phillipa (her friend) to have a look for a viable spot for us to stay, closer to Phillipas hotel. After a clear up and a few final tweets to firm up the hard drive delivery I was on my way to meet them at the hotel in Porches, a small town just outside of Armacao de Pera, glad to hear that they glad managed to find a decent place for us to park, right on top of the cliffs overlooking the sea.

When I arrived, Lorna jumped in and took me to the spot, just by some restaurants and a stunning location looking over the cliffs and very close to the hotel, the place was called Senhora da Rocha (N37•05’50 W08•23’10) and it was perfect.

Our parking place at Senhora de Rocha

There were no other motorhomes there but it wasn’t long before another turned up, amazingly exactly the same as ours with a couple from Scotland in it. This is only the second time we have seen a Hymer B564 in our 3 months of travels, the other time was in France, seems like ages ago now.

We had a walk around the immediate area, looking at a small chapel, the menus in the restaurants and the beach which Jack wasn’t allowed on unfortunately.

The Chapel on the Cliffs - Senhora de Rocha

We got back and Lorna started making a chilli for a late lunch whilst also chatting to Phillipa and Sheena from the other motorhome, whilst I had a look at their satellite system 🙂

None of us could quite believe it when another Hymer B564 turned into the car park but they didn’t stay, probably because there was no level parking left. The afternoon was passed very pleasantly with a bit of beer (alcohol free remember), a damn good chilli and some good company and before we knew it the time was knocking on for 6pm. Guests gone we headed for bed for an early night with the sound of crashing waves as background noise, lovely!




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