21st March 2010 Baragem do Monte da Rocha to Silves

21 03 2010

Up at 8.30am this morning, fresh from a night fighting mosquito attacks, bloody things! I have no idea how they managed to get in, we had the roof lights open but the nets were across so there should have been no way in, but Lorna got bitten and so did I. That noise they make is the first warning so on went the light and Lorna swatted one of them, leaving a splattered bug and a load of blood behind, more than likely ours. Horrible things, all we can do now is wait for the swelling and itching to start.

We started on our way to Silves at about 10.45am after the usual chat with neighbouring Brits delayed us, but it was no issue today as we didn’t have far to travel. On our way we were on the look out for water as we were quite low so we turned off the main IC-1 and headed for another Baragem which we were virtually passing. The road to the Baragem was suprisngly superb though there were certain places that had eroded from the recent rains which left sheer drops off the side, there were warnings, not that effective but we managed to negotiate the road without falling off. When we eventually arrived at what we thought was the end of the road we stopped and talked to a couple in a German motorhome, a German lady and her English husband who was keen to tell us about how he had nearly been robbed just outside of Barcelona. The story went as follows, he was driving along the motorway when he heard a loud bang from the rear of his motorhome, in his wing mirror he saw a car pull alongside with three men in it, the one in the back seat gesticulating that he had had a blow out and he should pull over. He then followed the car which had pulled over ahead if him and already two men were out of the car. He realised that the motorhome was driving fine and so decided not to stop but to drive toward the men without slowing down, they jumped out of the way and he got back on the motorway, deciding to stop at the next services where there were more people about, no blown tyre as suspected but a big dent in the side of the motorhome where the brick was thrown at it!

We left the baragem and headed onwards to Silves and after a bit of a search we found the swimming pool and car park where all the motorhomes were parked (N37•11’08 W08•26’43). Lornas friend arrived not much later and whisked Lorna off for the night leaving me to my own devices. No complaints here as there was also free wi-fi available allowing me to upload my blogs, do a bit more research as to other possible locations to park up on the Algarve and re-order my replacement hard drive from Hewlett Packard. Hopefully this time it will arrive and the issue can be put to rest.




One response

22 03 2010
andy bubble

hey steve
just caught up with your blog for march so far. Do you know, i think your writing is starting to take on a really lovely relaxed rhythm. I actually feel more relaxed after i’ve read it.

Keep it up mate, It’s becoming a real highlight of my day when i find your latest posts

Love to you both…

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