19th March 2010 Baragem de Pego Altar

19 03 2010

I finally managed to get out of bed at 11am today to a cloudy outlook, not particularly suprising as we had rain overnight. The day really didn’t get any more active from my lie in as a shortish walk with Jack was followed by me chatting to our next door neighbour, John, about satellite systems. With our DVD player not working in the motorhome I am going to need to replace the entire TV unit so I am thinkiing of just going the whole hog and get a dish on the roof of the motorhome as then we will always be able to get UK TV stations throughout Europe via the Astra 2 satellite, no messing about with digital switchovers and lack of analogue broadcasting. It’s not a cheap thing to do though unfortunately as an installed motorised system is generally around the £1400 mark in the UK, something to think about at least.

John was interested in our motorhome and wanted to have a look around as he was thinking of getting something a little smaller. So, after a light lunch we invited him over. The rest of the afternoon was spent chatting and before we knew it it was getting on for 5pm. After John had returned next door to cook his tea Lorna started ours and we had a lentil curry which was most tasty indeed. We watched people coming and going for a while including everything from an old converted coach with a large trailer towed behind (with five large dogs in it) to the smallest of vans, a converted VW minibus, about as diverse as you can get!




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21 03 2010

Great Blog Steve. If your getting a sat system, get a camos dome. Other wise you wont be able to use your sat system when you are anywhere windy. 40cm will be required for where you go. expensive but I love ours.

22 03 2010
Steve Green

Thanks Hagnap 🙂

I was chatting to someone in the north of Spain who wasn’t too happy with their Camos dome, they had trouble getting decent signal strength even there, maybe they had a smaller version. I will do some investigating when we return to the UK in June.

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