17th March 2010 Fatima to Evora

17 03 2010

We were up relatively early this morning as we knew we had a long drive to our next destination, Evora, around 3 hours away.

Another quick walk around the town of Fatima was had to visit the post office to send some bits back to the UK and we finally pulled off the car park at about 11.45, about an hour later than we had originally planned. We headed into Santarem and got onto the N114 hoping that the road surface wouldn’t be as bad as the roads prior to Santarem were, if it was we were thinking if turning back and getting on the toll motorway. Luckily the N114 was a lovely stretch of road with some lovely straight runs with nice landscapes on both sides of the road. The plan was to stop at Coruche to get some lunch but roadworks in the town made it difficult for us to access the car park, and so we carried on and stopped at a little cafe just outside of the town and had a beer with a pork sandwich (the pork was like bacon but seasoned and very tasty).

Not long after we arrived in Evora and found the large car park just outside of the main town easily (N38•33.58′ W07• 54.24′) and found a spot right underneath the lights, there were no other motorhomes there when we arrived. We had a quick drink and then walked into the main town, Jack in tow.

Street Scene - Evora

Navigating around the streets was not easy and we found ourselves in the same place a few times, always approaching from a different direction. I’m not even sure we managed to find the central church. After a while we found a butchers and bought some sausages to have for tea with pasta and then made our way back to the motorhome a little weary from our drive which ended up being nearer 4 hours. A refreshing cup of tea and a bit if relaxation time back at the motorhome made us feel a bit more human and we were glad to see a French motorhome had parked beside us, affording us a bit of security for the overnight stop.




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