16th March 2010 Fatima

16 03 2010

We were temporarily woken by the bells at 7.30am but we soon went back to sleep and managed not to wake up again until 10am. Jack was our priority today so we were soon out walking to the other side of the town, this was pretty much the same as yesterday with virtually every shop selling religious statues and t-shirts with Jesus on them. We were approached a couple of time by people touting their menus as it was about mid-day by this point. Managing to find some normal shops we bought a couple of things for upcoming birthdays and then had an expresso coffee at a small cafe, sat outside watching the world go by. It has to said that this is possibly the calmest place I have been to, it has a strange kind of feel to it for some reason, nuns walking the streets on their way to mass and nobody seems to be rushing, still can’t quite get my head around all of the shops selling pretty much the same thing though, very strange.

We returned to the motorhome and had a quick chat with a British couple who arrived yesterday in a big Winnebago, from Bewdley apparently (Bewdley isn’t a million miles from where we lived and closer to my parents house, thus the mention) and on their way to Finland. After this Lorna cooked some dinner whilst I set about washing the outside of the motorhome which was absolutely filthy, dust all over the back and many dead flies on the front. It took me all afternoon to do this, two washes and a final clean off with a chamois leather and we were back to our original colour and able to see through the windows again. I then had to clean the bikes as they were just as dirty, must get a cover for them! Whilst I was busy cleaning Lorna walked into the square and had a look around, when she returned I was just finishing off and then decided to fill us up with water as we intend to be wild camping over the next few days before we finally reach the Algarve. We were quite empty so it took me about half an hour with a watering can to get our tank back to 100% full.




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