12th March 2010 Ovar Beach to Praia De Mira

12 03 2010

Another beautifully sunny day today, right on the beach in a lovely little, slightly under developed resort. We got up this morning and walked into the small town looking to buy some bread for our day. Walking along the seafront was windy but warm and there were lots of fishermen casting their hooks off one of the big stone piers, what they caught it seemed went straight to the fishmongers just over the road. We walked up the high street and I found a wi-fi signal at one if the cafes there and so we had a cup of coffee so I could upload my blog and catch up on emails etc. On the way back to the motorhome we stopped at the fishmogers and bought two salmon steaks (€3), I shyed away from the live eels squirming in a tray, obviously what the fishermen had been catching.

We chatted to Roy and Mary for a good while, taking the opportunity to measure our motorhome so we now know our exact height etc. (285cm high according to the measure but I’m convinced we went through a tunnel in France that was 270cm high) useful for if we head toward another bridge hoping that we are low enough! After a few hours we decided that we were going to head off and look at Sao Jacinto which was right on the end of a peninsula. We said goodbye to our British friends and set off. Our destination was only half an hour away and it was as remote as we had imagined, a massive beach with just a modern cafe at the entrance.

Beach Cafe - Sao Jacinto

We let Jack have a run about and decided to move further in to a place called Vagueira which was mentioned in our Motorhome Trails book. When we arrived there we expected to see loads of other motorhomes there but there were none. Signs had been erected which I believed banned motorhomes from parking there so we had to move on, shame really as it looked like a nice place and I’m sure the empty bars and restaurants would have appreciated a few of our Euro.

From here I decided to just stock to the coast and try and find a beach similar to where we parked at Ovar, we then happened upon a sign advertising parking and services for motorhomes so we followed it along a long narrow bumpy road. At the end was a kind if water park which had parking, we pulled up and asked in reception, they wanted €5 for a nights stay but we decided it was all a little to quiet and Lorna wasn’t happy to stop there. It was nearly 5.30pm by this time but we headed off to the next beach, Praia De Mira. Lorna had set the sat nav to get us to Figueira da Foz but that meant another hour and half driving and I wasn’t happy to do that so we hoped that Praia De Mira would provide us with a place to stop for the night.

Parking along the seafront at Mira was possible although we couldn’t quite work out if you had to pay to park so we headed slightly out of town and found an area right by the campsite where four other motorhomes were parked (N40•27.02′ W08•48.10′). That’ll do me! So we parked up and sat and watched while two other motorhomes turned up. It was well past 6pm by this time so we were both glad we were sorted, we cooked our salmon steaks and had them with small roast potatoes. The distance we drove today means that tomorrow will be a shortish journey to Figueira da Foz where we should find the place we were told about by Frank and Yvonne in Luarca, at least that is recent information and not out of a book that is 5 years old and out of date.




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