9th March 2010 Viana do Castelo to Vilar da Veiga

9 03 2010

It was 10.30 before we rose but we hadn’t put the clocks back the one hour needed as we had now entered Portugal, so we effectively were up at 9.30, an early start! We were in no particular rush as despite it being only 5 degrees outside, we knew that the temperature would rise as it was a lovely clear day. After a rather good sausage and egg sandwich for breakfast we were walking Jack on the beach, taking in the rising temperatures and stopping for a while to watch the surfers there. After a quick phonecall to the campsite at Baiona confirming that the hard drive had still not arrived we had a quick clean out and a shower and we were off, hopefully to Bom Jesus which had been recommended as a nice town, though there didn’t seem to be any overnight parking there so the plan was to go there, have a look around and then go to Penha to stop the night (we had been told of a car park there by Frank and Yvonne whilst at Luarca). That was the plan anyway.

We started on our journey in the lovely temperature of 21 degrees, GPS co-ordinates in for Bom Jesus. This took us through Braga which luckily had a Repsol station that sold GPL so we filled up our gas bottles, bit of a relief really and they were not as low as I thought they were which was even better! From Braga we followed the sat nav past signs for Bom Jesus and into the hills of northern Portugal. Sometimes we obviously trust the sat nav a bit too much and ended up down some winding roads that were very pretty but not really where we wanted to be. We had to turn around and headed back to the main road (the N103) and carried on along as I wanted to have a look at the Baragem (Portuguese for Dam) futher up the road. We could see the water from above and headed down the N304, a very steep and winding road but the views were just gorgeous. I figured that we would find somewhere to stop the night there (always head for water is my new moto) and we did, a lovely spot, right on the side of the lake ((Rio Caldo) just outside the town of Vilar da Veiga (N41•40’40” W08•10’34”). Just incredible views of the lake and the surrounding mountains, stunning location.

Vialo do Veiga

We had an easy night watching the sun set and then walking Jack for a while, later eating pasta with tuna and anchovies in a tomato sauce and spending the evening reading and planning tomorrows route. Very happy to be back travelling again and back into the groove of wild camping, the way it should be done.




4 responses

12 03 2010
David Turner

Your satisfaction at being on the move again comes across, not just in your words, but in the way you’re expressing yourself. Excellent!

21 03 2010
Steve Green

You are too kind David, many of these posts are done under the influence of Lidl wine!

12 03 2010
andy bubble

hey steve and lorna.

Sorry steve, but i’ve got to have a big smug attack with you.The optical drive(cd/dvd) on our macbook went caput several months ago, and i’ve only just got round to taking it into the mac store for repair yesterday.The mac genius (as they call themselves) indeed confirmed that it was caput and not a software issue and also took note of the split in our top casing which i had delicately repaired with some electrical tape.This he assured me was not our fault and that they would replace the top casing free of charge. He went on to explain for reasons i can only speculate about that they would only charge us for the optical drive itself and not for labour. Fantastic.

I left the apple store at 6.20 pm. At 7.30pm i got a phone call to say the work was complete and i could pick up. 1 hour and 10 minutes later…

Picked it up today. Turns out that the top casing is infact a whole new keyboard and mouse pad. and the new optical drive works lovely. The cost….£88

Now i am sure some of this service is to do with issues surrounding the optical drives on mac books ( which can be prone to failure) , and obviously mac recognise a design fault issue on the top casing, but never the less i have been blown away by what they have done for me and my 2 year old macbook.

What would mac do if i was traveling europe.. fly out a genius by helicopter… well i doubt it, but i’m very impressed.

yes they cost twice the price and yes there are lots of other issues surrounding macs both with software and hardware failures, but this customer remains faithful to the cause after that particular customer care experience.

Sorry, but i did say i was going to be smug.

My advice to you now is find out where all of the festivals between you and your destinations are and visit everyone of them. You could get lost in the spanish/portugesse festival circuit for ever.

21 03 2010
Steve Green

Smug indeed!

HP may be able to get me a replacement hard drive to Portugal. We’ll see eh!

Nightmare times, may as well have bought my own and fitted it as the warranty cover seems as though it is pretty worthless.

Onwards and upwards anyway!

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