8th March 2010 Baino to Viano do Castelo (Portugal)

8 03 2010

We were undecided as to what we were going to do today, should we wait until tomorrow to see if my hard drive would arrive from Hewlett Packard, spend another day on the campsite, leave the campsite and wild camp in Baiona and contact the campsite in the morning, or, just give up on them and carry on with our journey.

We went into the closer part of town as we knew that they had a large market on and we wanted some nice fresh produce as well as some comfort cakes, it’s about a 10 minute walk there and we spent an hour or so wandering around, Lorna practicing her Spanish on the local traders. We got back to the campsite just before noon and made the snap decision to just go and get on with our journey so I went to pay the remainder of the bill before having a good clear out, filling up with water and emptying the waste. I arranged to phone tomorrow just in case the hard drive arrived later in the day in which case we would return to collect it as our onward destination, though in a different country, was only an hour and a half away. We left the campsite at just after 1.15pm and headed out of town. Another reason for heading into Portugal was that we were now desperately low on gas which we need for cooking and when not on electric hook up, heating and the fridge. We stopped at the Lidl in A Guarda and stocked up with essentials then headed out of Spain and into Portugal. As soon as we entered Portugal I missed a turning and had to drive back into Spain to turn around (ok it was only over a bridge but I thought it was quite funny at the time). We followed the sat nav toward Viana do Castelo over possibly some of the worst roads we had experienced so far, I certainly hope that all of the roads aren’t like that as we will need new suspension in no time!

We eventually found the campsite after getting confused with the directions in the centre of town, shortly after which the sat nav sent us down a sandy track which I had no choice but to reverse out of back onto the main road, Lorna having to get out to watch me out safely. The charges were much cheaper, around half of what we had paid in Spain for exactly the same services. We debated having electric but thought that our gas supply was so low that we may not be able to run the fridge overnight so the €3 charge seemed like a good investment.

The campsite was lovely, right on a beach, so after running Jack for a while we had a very pleasant evening in the motorhome, crunching bread, cakes and sausages (though not necessarily in that order).

We’ll see what tomorrow brings, either we will journey back to Baiona or further south into Portugal, but whatever happens it feels good to be back moving again.




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