7th March 2010 Baiona

8 03 2010

When we returned to the motorhome last night there was a tent pitched quite close to us. We heard the occupants return from the festival at about 5am but when we got up the tent had disappeared leaving two lads without cover, one slept against a tree whilst the other was huddled up in his sleeping bag, on the ground. When we saw what had happened we were both a little confused as to where the tent had gone and a bit concerned for the two lads who had been out in the cold for a good few hours. Lorna made some coffee and offered it to them but they were clearly still very much worse for wear and refused. They both looked positively ill!

We spent the majority of the day relaxing in the motorhome, Lorna catching up on her blog which is now woefully behind. We did walk into the closer part of town to buy some bread and we had sausage and egg sandwiches for our lunch.

Later on in the afternoon we headed into the main part of Baiona to go to the festival, deciding to go slightly later than the day before to see if things were much different later in the day. Things were generally quieter though still very busy, people having to go to work the next day the probable reason for this. We had a bottle of red wine today but it was quite rough, one of those that is ok after the first few glasses but we didn’t give it another chance,. The drummers were there again with two stilt walkers leading the parade building the crowds up to dancing along with some loud and quite excellent drumming, very enjoyable to watch.

We made our way back after an hour or two and watched Trainspotting before retiring to bed.




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