4th March Baiona

4 03 2010

Well, if it wasn’t for the Hewlett Packard situation I would have been in  a much better mood today but to be honest it’s kind of doing my head in a bit now so, to Lorna I have have probably been a right miserable old sod, but we all have our days don’t we.

We have hardly moved today. We had semi-planned to move on and then return to Baiona in a few days but as the weather was so nice we couldn’t envisage ourselves sat in the motorhome driving so after a walk into the old town to do some shopping we returned to the motorhome, put the awning out and spent the afternoon relaxing, peeling fresh prawns and eating our late lunch. As the afternoon drew out we walked onto the beach and sat in amazement as Jack suddenly got over his fear of the sea as he waded in looking for things to fish out, including massive planks of wood and a dead crab…….he was a right mess when we got back, sand everywhere.

As the sun started to go down I walked out with my camera to take some pictures of the wonderfully clear reflections the calm evening was giving us.

Baiona Reflections

and, that house again…………

That house........again

Now it’s time for some tea, thats all for today from me, with a slightly better mood than earlier.




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