3rd March 2010 Baiona

3 03 2010

We woke up at a normal hour with a slight bit of rain hitting the roof of the motorhome, after this subsided we took Jack out for a good walk around the small peninsula that the campsite is located on, planning to tire him out so that we could safely go out for a nice lunch, we felt we deserved it and Lorna had been keen to try out a seafood paella following the one that we had in Finisterre.

We walked into the town after asking the campsite owner for a recommendation of a decent restaurant, he provided us with three. Unable to find the first on the list Lorna asked a lady in the street who gladly guided us toward a small restaurant tucked away in a corner in the back streets of the town. We were soon beckoned in by the owner of the place and before we knew it we had ordered drinks and were served tapas at the bar. They didn’t do a seafood paella so Lorna made it her mission to ensure that we had a seafood platter, something not on the menu. We were shown many different types of fish andwe didn’t make a decision on what we wanted, preferring to say we’ll have a bit of each.

Sat at the table we ordered a bottle of wine and awaited our meal. The owner had quoted us 32 euro for the meal which seemed fine if a little more expensive than we had anticipated, but, it had been recommended so we thought why not. Not long after we had been sitting downa big plate of fresh shellfish arrived, we were not entirely sure if it was a starter or the full meal but it certainly looked nice, definitely fresh anyway. There were two whole crabs, four massive fresh prawns, small scallops, ‘mermaids fingers’, a whole small octupus and a side dish of clams. I didn’t have my camera with me so this was taken with my phone.

Shellfish starter for two

We tentatively made our way through the dish, the prawns were superb, as were the clams and scallops……….the crabs we were a bit unsure of as we didn’t know how exactly to extract the crab meat from them so they were left til last. The owner obviously saw our trepidation and came over and prepared one of them for us. I watched carefully but then completely failed to do a decent job of extracting the meat from the other, claws and legs everywhere! We were beginning to worry that the 32 euro was per person by this point as we had seen shellfish platters for as much as 90 euro elsewhere!

It was soon clear that this was only the starter as our plates were cleared by the extremely helpful waitress and fresh plates were set before us. The main course was a huge piece of unidentified fish with potatoes, peas and carrots accompanying it. It was superb, crispy on the outside but so very tender on the inside, and extremely tasty too, shame we will never know exactly what it was really (the English translation was Gruper or something similar).

Finishing off with a nice piece of cheesecake we were both absolutely stuffed and we left a decent tip as the staff there had been very helpful and considerate to our needs and demands……..damn expensive though but I guess that’s what happens when you don’t order off the menu!

We started the walk back to the motorhome and got distracted by a bar that was open so we popped in for a drink, as you do. This done we headed back.

I noticed a VW camper parked on a car park close to the sea and recognised it as one that we had parked next to at Vilanova de Arousa a few days earlier (next to the football field) so we wandered over to say hello. Luckily the Spanish occupants not only spoke English but also recognised us from the previous encounter so we stood and chatted to them for a good while. We learned that they worked for a few months a year as entertainers for a holiday company and had worked in Stockport last year, they told us about their journey and were interested to know where we were headed. They also told us that they were heading to the town of Ourense the following day as there are a number of free spas there, they invited us to go with them.

Back at the motorhome we discussed the idea and decided that maybe we should go, waiting here for a hard drive to arrive was costing us both time, money and experiences so it seemed like a good idea. In all probability we shall check out tomorrow and ask the reception to keep the hard drive for me should it arrive, which actually looks improbable as it should have arrived two days ago, more likely to arrive at the end of the week in my opinion, thanks Hewlett Packard again. I managed to get in touch with Arv from HP who I have been dealing with via both email and Twitter and though he said one of the agents would ring me, they didn’t. I have a bad feeling that something has gone wrong somewhere along the line……..grrrrrrr!

So anyway, i’m writing this, watching the sun set slowly over the hills in the background, thinking that tomorrow we shall be off on a trip inland to Ourense for a couple of days and then we will have to return to Baiona to pick up the hard drive, if it has arrived by then of course!




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