2nd March 2010 Baiona

2 03 2010

I felt much better this morning after a relatively alcohol free night was had watching DVDs. I was up and about by 10am and it looked like it was going to be a very pleasant day with the sun already starting to appear quite strongly through thin clouds. After a very refreshing shower we all took a walk into the centre of Baiona as I wanted to have a closer look at the large statue that looked out over the town from the top of a hill. The temperature was reading 21 degrees, warmer than it had been for quite a while.

The statue, known as the ‘Virgen de la Roca’, wasn’t in sight as we walked around the perimeter of the hill, avoiding some very fast Spanish drivers along the way, a bit more tricky without footpaths, but eventually we came across some stone steps that I assumed led up to it. The climb was steep in places but when we got to the top there was a nice park area and numerous stone crosses set into the landscape with the huge statue dominating the scenery. It wasn’t until we got closer to it that I noticed a viewing platform vitrtually right at the top. It cost €1 to go up so whilst Lorna held Jack I paid my money and scaled the narrow spiral staircase up to the top.

The view was just stunning, views over all the town and port area of Baiona and out to sea with the numerous islands that are located off the coast. Another thing that I noticed on my ascent was the sound that the wind was making, it sounded very eerie in the dimly lit stairwell.

View over Baiona

We left the statue and I cursed our timing as the sun was almost directly behind the statue making photograhing it from the front very difficult. A bit of Photoshop manipulation though and that was soon put right.

Virgen de la Roca

Back in the town we passed a large hardware store and there were a couple of things we needed, screws to fix a drawer that was falling due to the runners being loose, a Spanish adaptor for our water hose (they use very wide fittings here and we have recently being using a watering can to fill the water tank, a long job!) and a clothes airer. I also wanted a thin adjustable spanner but try and get your hands on one of those when you don’t speak Spanish! Of course the hardware store sold them but they were too thick to be of use.

Back at the motorhome we had lunch and spent the afternoon fixing drawers and relaxing.

Update on the laptop situation:

I received a call from HP Spain this morning asking if everything was now sorted with the laptop. I told them that I had not received either the replacement drive or the boot disks which was strange as the replacement drive should have arrived yesterday. I wasn’t expecting to see the boot disks until later and they were coming in the normal post, which I was told would take ten days. The chap said he would look into it and get back to me.

After this call I went to reception to find that the disks had actually turned up that morning, much earlier than expected, but, still no sign of the replacement hard drive which is now concerning me a little especially as it was supposed to arrive in about four days as it was shipped via UPS.

So, I have the disks but no replacement drive. I sincerely hope that it arrives tomorrow as my feet are starting to itch again and we both want to move on into Portugal as soon as we can, not to mention the €20+ it is costing us to be here each day.




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