1st March 2010 Baiona

1 03 2010

Well the weather here is much improved, a fair bit of rain overnight but today has been mainly sunny and the temperature has risen too, it’s almost like we are on holiday now.

I did a bad thing yesterday afternoon, I sat in the front seat of the motorhome and watched the first six episodes of Star Trek – The Next Generation, I have the entire collection on DVD to get through so the rainy day gave a good excuse to start. Nothing particularly silly about that I know, but the silly thing was to be sipping wine throughout. I slept like a log but have suffered greatly for my escapades today, very hungover 🙂

We eventually managed to get up and out at about mid-day and took a short walk into town to find a market there. These markets are always great for fresh pproduce so we bought everything from chillies to cabbage. Unfortunately there was no fresh fish store so we got some salmon from the supermarket to go with our selection of veg for our dinner.

No delivery from HP Spain today so I told reception that we would be staying at least one more night. I was hoping that the drive would have turned up today so that we could move on and come back for the Windows Vista boot disk when that is delivered later on. It seems that the Spanish postal system is slower than the one in the UK as I was told that the disk, being sent by normal mail, would be around 10 days. Actually though, another night on site is not a bad thing with the way that I have been feeling today.

When we got back to the motorhome I saw that the houses on the hill we can see from our pitch were being lit up beautifully by the sun and with the dark clouds lingering behind it made for a nice photo. I had had my eyes on these houses, particularly the tall one that rises above all the rest, for a few days. It must be a lovely home with some fantastic views.

Houses on the Hill

Later on in the afternoon the black clouds disappeared and out came the sun……….at last!

Another walk on the beach with Jack where again he made a friend and tired himself out running around in the deep sand. The lady who was the owner of the other dog didn’t appear that impressed for some reason but it was Jack that ended up covered in slobber and sand, the other dog just went into the sea again to wash off……..Jack dried in the sun back at the motorhome.

This was taken on the beach that runs alongside the camp site.

Baiona Beach

An earlier post today as we have not yet had our dinner but Lorna is chopping the veg as I type and I am avoiding the wine today…….time to put the kettle on I think.




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