27th February 2010 Baiona

27 02 2010

I got up very late today and barely saw the morning, the wind and rain had returned and I felt much better tucked up in a nice warm bed. Eventually I decided to get up and we both took Jack for a walk around the site whilst there was a small break in the showers. I took our little Canon A95 with us and filmed a short movie which documented the weather.

(Thanks to Nerys for the embedding code for the video)

We needed food so when a suitable break in the weather came we walked up to the local supermarket . Whilst I was stood outside waiting for Lorna the heavens opened again and the rain came crashing down. The walk back was a wet one, all of us soaked to the skin and Jack was so keen to get back into the motorhome he didn’t even wait for the step to lower, bless him.

The afternoon was spent reading, relaxing, watching films and the weather which didn’t improve at all, in fact the winds increased and the rain just never gave in. Days like this are ok every once in a while, hell it’s February after all, but consistently bad weather does grind somewhat, kind of glad we are on a campsite with electric hook up.

Speaking of which, the electricity cut out early evening so off went the computer and out came the gas kettle. It was dark and miserable so we decided not to bother the warden and leave it til the morning to sort out, electric hook up is nice but not essential and I’m not that selfish to go knocking the warden up on a Saturday night in the pouring rain!

Hopefully the weather will improve tomorrow so we can get out and about!




5 responses

28 02 2010
David Turner

The weather has taken a turn for the worse – we hope you’re both safe

1 03 2010
Steve Green

Both fine thanks David, actually looks like we missed the worst of it!

28 02 2010
andy bubble

love the video. more videos please… love the beard. more beards please….love you lorna. more lornas please…….remember, no such thing as bad weather, just bad…….oh well it escapes me now, but bad somthings…..you remain the people that i am most jealous of in the whole world……take care. lots of love

1 03 2010

Thanks to me – except you need to get rid of your div tags! 😉

1 03 2010

Now you’ve got rid of them and my comment looks silly! haha 😛

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