26th February 2010 Baiona

26 02 2010

I woke up at 10am this morning from the best nights sleep I have had for a while. I still didn’t want to get up but get up I did and straight into the showers at the campsite which had some lovely hot water and a powerful stream……..bliss.

We had our breakfasts and then headed out to have a wander around the town of Baiona itself. We walked along the beach, into the town and wandered along the promenade of shops and the harbour.

Baiona Beach

Baiona has a hill top fort which has a lovely path that runs all the way around it. The path runs all along the coast and the waves were quite strong, crashing into the rocks and sending splashes of water above the horizon. We walked the path which took us back to the harbour area, from there we were looking at all of the bars and restaurants, deciding if we wanted to eat out for lunch or get something and head back. In the end we decided to buy some food and head back, it’s enough paying site fees without eating out as well (the miserly side of me showing i’m afraid). Baiona has some lovely back streets, if you get away from the main promenade and into the town a little you are rewarded with some quaint old streets with little bars dotted around and the occasional square where the restaurant has it’s tables out and advertises it’s menu of the day for 10 euros.

The photo above was taken on the path that runs around the fort and shows something that we have seen lots of examples of throughout our travels in north west Spain. These buildings on stilts are everywhere and I have seen them highly decorated and, on occasion almost falling down. I believe that they are used to store fresh produce from the gardens but have seen them packed full of things from sweetcorn to the daily washing. Almost invariably they have a cross on one annexe.

On our way back we found a market that was close to closing, but we managed to buy some chorizo sausages and some bread for our late lunch. We walked back to the motrorhome, me stopping to photograph various views including this one of the sculpture that sits just outside of the main town.


And, of course the obligatory door!

Red Door - Baiona

Back at the motorhome we put the awning out for a while whilst the sun was still shining, we drank wine and cooked our tea of chorizo sausages, salad and fresh bread. As the light faded we had a slight spell of rain but we had had a good day out and not got wet, very different from the previous few days.




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27 02 2010
Ian Wright

Hi Steve
The structures you are thinking off are known as Horreos and are basically old style granaries http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/H%C3%B3rreo they also have them in Asturias but they are a different shape.

The longest one is 35m and in a village you (probably) passed called Carnota http://celticland.com/?page_id=289 i got a little obsessed with these lovely buildings so we went to see it, might re-process it and put in on Flickr for you to see in its full glory! Basically it ended up at 35m because the village next door also wanted the longest horreo in Spain so they both kept extending it!


27 02 2010
Steve Green

We went through Carnota not too long back, saw some long ones but not 35m, wow!

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