25th February 2010 Combarro to Baiona

25 02 2010

Well, last night was the first night that I have ever been concerned about our safety in the motorhome, not from louts or boy racers but from the extreme weather conditions that we experienced. We were both woken at about 2.30 in the morning by the howling gales and winds, the motorhome was rocking about like mad and it was enough to make our bed creak which only usually happens when we get up or down from it. We both got up and decided to watch the rain sheeting down from the window, it was literally pouring off the side of the van as if someone was stood on top with a hose pipe. We made the bed up ‘downstairs’ and tried to get back to sleep but neither of us really settled for a good while. I have never experienced winds like it, quite unnerving.

Rainy Days

We were up again at about 9.30 and though it was still raining the wind had subsided somewhat so we set off for Baiona where we had booked onto the campsite for a couple of nights so that I could receive my replacement hard drive. The prices were pretty steep but being off season they were reduced by 35% which meant we would be paying just over €20 per night with electric hook up. We found a spot and parked up but then realised that if we were closer to reception we would be able to pick up the free wi-fi in the motorhome as well, so we moved!

A quick walk around town later on, tea and a film and the day was done. The weather was much improved later on, no wind and only a little rain, tomorrow might be a better day fingers crossed!




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