24th February 2010 Vilanova De Arousa to Combarro

24 02 2010

We woke up again to a very stormy day, heavy rain and strong winds but no thunder and lightning, things are looking up!

We left the car park and headed along the coast to go and have a drive around the Illa de Arousa which took us over a long bridge onto the island. The island must be a stunning place to be in the summer, beautiful typically Spanish houses and a large port combine to make this a special place to be but the horrible weather made it fairly plain and uninteresting. We carried on along the coast in search of somewhere to stop the night, we wanted somewhere fairly sheltered as we had heard that there were more bad storms on the way, we even considered driving all the way down to Baiona to get to the campsite a day or so early. We ended up following the coast road deciding that if we got to Pontevedra without seeing somewhere we may as well carry on to Baiona. We passed through a few places including Cambados which looked like a beautiful place with a massive cobbled square in the centre of town, we found a car park close to the port where we thought we might be able to stop so we set it as a favorite in the sat-nav just in case. We then carried on through Sangenjo until we arrived at Combarro where we parked on the port (N42•25.44 W08•42.23) finding a slightly more sheltered spot. Though the rain had stopped it was still very blustery with the clouds passing overhead at a great rate. The motorhome didn’t rock much so we felt as though we would be fine there for the night. As usual, the measure seems to be to park up, wait for the Guarda Civil (police) to pass by (which invariably they do within half an hour) and if they don’t stop then you are ok. We generally look forward to seeing them as if they know you are there then they seem to make the effort to pass by regularly. Strange the things you learn isn’t it?

Dinner consisted of garlic mushrooms cooked with chorizo followed by pan fried chicken piri piri (well we will soon be in Portugal so why not?) and salad, extremely yummy, all washed down with the obligatory red wine from Lidl, €0.55 for a litre carton! Bargain.




2 responses

25 02 2010

Rain there, snow here. lol. Actually no snow for a couple of days now. It’s positively tropical (apart from scotland….)

Have you used your bikes yet?

26 02 2010
Steve Green

Don’t mention the bikes!

We have carried them all the way to nigh on the Portugese border and have still not taken the chains off! We may well use them soon but having Jack with us is a consideration.

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