23rd February 2010 Boiro to Vilanova De Arousa

23 02 2010

We went to bed last night and after about half an hour got up again to look at the rain and lightning that was in the area. When I say ‘in the area’ at one point the lightning and thunder claps were just seconds apart, the lightning lighting up all around us whilst the thunder rumbled at octaves so low it was like having a big subwoofer in the motorhome with us. I love storms like that! Eventually the storm passed and we returned to bed and got some sleep.

We woke in the morning to more rain and thunder and waited a while before venturing out with Jack for a walk, the sun appeared for a while but the rain was never far away. We decided to drive to the local Lidl to get supplies and then we set off again searching for a place to stop for the night. We headed toward Vilagarcia, the next large town but didn’t find anywhere suitable as it was a largeish town and too busy for our liking so we aimed toward Vilanova De Arousa and found a car park right on the sea front (N42•34.26 W08•49.44) where we decided to stop for the night. We thought of heading just a little further to the island Illa de Arousa but decided against as it was obviously out in the sea and we thought if another storm kicked in we would be a bit exposed.

Football Pitch, Spanish Style

Now onto the Hewlett Packard situation . I received a phone call this morning from the HP Spain people, as promised, and they were very helpful offering either to pick up the laptop, repair and return, or to ship out a replacement hard drive to the campsite that I said we would be on soon in Baiona. Unfortunately they couldn’t supply the Windows 7 boot disk so I settled for the Vista operating system disk so at least I would be up and running and I could re-upgrade when I returned home. The chap even phoned back to confirm that the orders had been placed, the hard drive arriving by UPS courier and the boot disk arriving slightly later by normal post. I might have to stay on the campsite a little longer than we intended to but at least it’s now sorted and the whole issue can be put to bed. What a relief! I’m still having a problem locating an external USB hard drive in Spain though, I tried another computer shop this morning and I couldn’t see that they had any, they appeared to have the caddy but not a proper hard drive. I suppose it would help if I knew what I was asking for in Spanish, it’s very difficult to describe a USB external hard drive of about 500Gb by grunting, pointing and making unusual hand gestures. I’ve got the ‘I’m looking for’ but after that, not a hope in hell 🙂

Just as I am writing this another storm is coming in, the thunder has just sent vibrations through the motorhome and though the sun is out, the skies are turning blacker by the minute and the wind is increasing. Excellent!




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