21st February 2010 Santiago de Compostela to Boiro

21 02 2010

At 4am the rain started again, not just a shower but the kind of torrential downpour that reverberates off the roof and wakes you from a deep sleep. It continued all morning til about 10.30 am, hammering down and generally painting a very bleak picture.

We wanted to leave Santiago de Compostela and make our way back to the coast in search of better conditions so we sorted ourselves out, me filling the near empty water tank with a watering can (15 journeys it took) and Lorna sorting stuff in the motorhome. It was muddy and unpleasant on the campsite and we begrudgingly paid for our stay, cold showers, incorrect quotes and poor pitches the reason for our distemper.

We drove out toward Boiro, a coastal town with an aire that was recommended and arrived just under an hour later. Located right on the sea front we could see why it was rated so highly but as the rain started again after slightly brighter spell it held slightly less appeal. We walked Jack on a blustery and cold beach and then wandered over to a sea front cafe for a drink and some lunch. Inside was warm and welcoming so we ordered a bottle of red wine and two meals, Lorna had a lamb rack and I ordered the chicken. Both were served with just chips and were very tasty, the total of just €22 including two further glasses of wine was incredible value. In the background we could see the TV news reporting very poor weather in the south of Spain, around Cadiz particularly where severe flooding and tropical storms had hit the area very badly. We looked out of the window to see a darkened sky and storms approaching so we returned to the motorhome and spent the afternoon gently rocking in the increasingly strong winds, palm trees on the front displaying the kind of look that you see on the TV when storms hit the normally hotter places. We wanted to watch a DVD, something cheery like The Wedding Singer, but our DVD player in the TV decided that it no longer wanted to work and repeated ‘No Disc’ error messages kept appearing with every disc we tried, is nothing electrical reliable these days?

So, an afternoon in strong winds, rain and later lightning was spent in the motorhome, reading, chatting and watching as people walked along the path with umbrellas turning inside out as they braved the hostile conditions on their way home from their Sunday drinks and meals. As it turned dark, the winds increased and we heard numerous canon like explosions which we assumed were warnings to fishermen out in the suprisingly calm looking sea. Still, at least we don’t have to go to work tomorrow!




2 responses

23 02 2010
David Turner

I don’t like the sound of that weather – your travels are going to be very damp! Great photos of the Citadel, though.

26 02 2010
Steve Green

I wasn’t happy with what I had at first but a bit of photoshop power sorted them to something useable at least.

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