20th February 2010 Santiago de Compostela

20 02 2010

We both showered before we left for the day out in Santiago de Compstela but we needn’t have bothered as on the way into town the rain started and we all got absolutely soaked, Jack clearly wasn’t happy with the situation and kept trying to get into open shop doors to shelter from the torrential downpour we found ourselves in. By the time we had found the centre and the Citadel it had knocked off a little so the experience was a little more pleasant.

The Citadel

The Citadel and surrounding buildings are truly stunning, amazing architecture with some very intricate stonework. We had to go into the Citadel seperately as one of us needed to look after Jack, I went in to take some photographs and whilst I was photographing the altar section I got a tap on the shoulder by one of the Police in there. Everyone else was clearly taking photos so what was the problem I thought? I still had my hat on, naughty boy!!

We warmed to the city a little after our initial impressions yesterday when we found ourselves wandering around the narrow streets looking in restaurant windows to see live crabs in tanks and massive squid in chillers. We eventually found a little bar that would let us in with Jack where we had a drink and some tapas consisting of ham, cheese and battered calamari, very pleasant indeed and a snip at €15 including drinks, a lot cheaper than we expected considering the location.

Citadel Detail

We started walking back at about 3pm and the streets were much quieter as the siesta had obviously started, we got a bit of shopping in and returned to the motorhome to sort our blogs and photos out. We just managed to get a wireless signal in the motorhome but it was very weak and unreliable, there is nothing worse than a weak internet signal I fact I think it’s preferable to have no internet, so frustrating!

By the time we were sorted on blogs etc it was nearly 8pm so a light meal was in order followed by a bit of TV and then bed.




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21 02 2010

You probably follow many travel blogs but I can recomend this one to you: http://adventures-of-jules.blogspot.com/

They are a couple doing the grand tour in a VW camper. I met them last October on my way back from a potter around. At present they are leaving Spain having circumnavigated ahead of you.

Hope you get that bl**dy HP machine sorted – worth getting the external usb drive I think.

Bill W

22 02 2010

You left your hat on? You’ll never learn, will you?!

23 02 2010
David Turner

A hat in church – as Jake intimated, you’ve got a short memory!

26 02 2010
Steve Green

Hmmmmmmmmmm, short memory indeed………Ludlow?

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