18th February 2010 Finisterre

18 02 2010

We had a very lazy day today, we were not woken up early by any thumping and when we did eventually rise it was just after 10am. We decided to just hang around for the day so we gave Jack a run on the beach and then headed up to the lighthouse which is right on the very end of the peninsula. We noted that motorhomes were not allowed right up to the lighthouse itself but a sign guided us up a small steep road. Typically I ignored any obvious parking spaces and carried on up to the top of the hill, navigating some tight 1st gear corners along the way. Ad usual we had to turn around at the top and return to the lower parking area where we still have views right across the sea in three of the four directions. We had some lunch and then walked down to the lighthouse.

Finisterre Lighthouse

We had already noticed numerous people who had obviously walked some distance and it now became clear as to why. The lighthouse and rocky cliffs below were obviously part of some kind of pilgrimage path, a statue of a walking pilgrim was placed just before the entrance and when we walked past the lighthouse we saw some people trying to light a small fire, in fact it was obvious that many small fires had been lit on the coast there and the majority appeared to have remains of shoes or boots in them, there was even a sculptured boot on one of the rocks. We assumed that this place was at the end of a pilgrim path and when people reached there they burnt their shoes or another item of clothing, there were also what appeared to be discarded walking sticks there. A very interesting place to be.

We returned to the motorhome, walked up to the top of the hill and back down again and then sat taking in the views, it was still quite warm at about 14 degrees. Lorna got her computer out and started to download her photos so I thought I would see what mine would do if powered up. It seemed to start ok, still scraping and scratching but then it started a scheduled CHKDISK which it ran through without any reported problems, it then started Windows normally too, how very strange. I will still be arranging a replacement hard drive with HP as soon as I get chance though.

Whilst the computer was whirring away I was browsing through a book of official parking places given to us by the Spaniards in Cangas do Onis and noticed that there was one in the port area of Finisterre, somewhere where we could fill up with water and empty our toilet cassette, so I put the GPS co-ordinates in and headed off. The GPS information was wrong though and sent us around a small side street with no parking whatsoever so we decided to go down to the port and ask around, showing people the address in the book. The first chap we tried couldn’t speak, and no I didn’t miss the ‘English’ off that sentence, he couldn’t speak full stop, no voicebox from an operation saw to that. We tried a local restaurant thinking that I would be more likely that someone there would speak a little English but it didn’t actually matter as the barman indicated that we could park anywhere on the port without a problem, we still couldn’t find the water and WC point but it didn’t matter that much so we parked right in the corner of the port (N42•54.19′ W09•15.42′) (free wi-fi too at this co-ordinate) and went for another walk.

Deciding to eat out, we watched the sun set from the comfort of the motorhome and then headed out later on for our dinner, the Spanish eat a lot later than the British so it seemed polite to wait until at least 7.30 pm before going out to decide where we would eat. Apparently the area is one if the best in Spain for seafood, so we had a big shellfish paella to share, most excellent it was too.

No call again from Hewlett Packard and no email contact either, stunning customer service!




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19 02 2010

Great stuff Steve, enjoying the read. The Finisterre route is an extra part of the Santiago de Compostella pilgramage route. I think after they get to Santiago some go off to Finisterre (mainly thinking it is the most Westerly point in Spain, it isn’t, the fabulous and empty Cabo de Tourinan about 15 miles up the coast from you is.
You are probalby a bit far south but at this beach http://www.flickr.com/photos/finwright/2775226164/ (geotagged for you) i am sure you would be able to wild camp to your hearts delight, there was certainly plenty of camper vans when we were there a few years ago.

Never made it to Santiago but is meant to be a very beautiful place

19 02 2010

Hi there,

just read this blog post after finding it through twitter. I work for HP. Do let me know whether I can help!


20 02 2010
Steve Green

Hi Arv,
I have both emailed and Twittered you.

20 02 2010

That lighthouse shot is very dramatic, Steve. Finisterre was a name I knew only from shipping forecasts.

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