17th February 2010 Camarinas to Finisterre

17 02 2010

Carrying on the tradition set yesterday we were again woken by thumping, not music this time but work men right next to the motorhome doing work on the drainage. It was purely luck that we hadn’t parked on the spot where they were working otherwise we would have had a knock on the door and we would have had to move.

Bed made and put away we headed straight off to the lighthouse which is famed for being the first electric lighthouse in Spain. Walking around it felt a lot hotter than the indicated 13.5 degrees and the views were stunning, the lighthouse, the coast and the wind turbines set all along the hill above us.

The lighthouse just outside Camarinas

After this we set off for Muxia which we could actually see from where we were but it took us just under an hour to get there as the sat-nav decided to take us the ‘quickest’ route which sent us way inland and then back again, I’m sure there was a quicker route but there was no guarantee of the quality of the roads, like we have any guarantees anyway!

In Muxia we parked in the port area and walked around to the church which was right on the sea, this was also a wild camping spot which we could have used, a bit out of the way for us though so we looked at the church, the modern sculpture and the town from the top of the hill and then had some lunch.

The modern art of Muxia with the church behind.

Parking in the port seemed ok but we had noticed signs which appeared to specify port business parking only. Rather than risk being moved on later in the day we thought it best to go and have a look at some more of the coast and some more camping spots whilst heading toward the peninsula south of us, and the town of Finisterre.

The journey there took us through some really small towns with people in the fields working the land, mainly women from what I could see. The views out over the sea were stunning at times and at others, being in thick pine forests was also a beautiful experience. We stopped off at a couple of the wild camping spots, the first at Lires was difficult to get to, winding through narrow streets where I had to watch my height as well as my width. Unfortunately when we reached the target position there were big gates there blocking access to the beach, some kind of industrial unit replacing what obviously used to be a stunning area. Next we headed to Playa del Rostro and there found a small car park right on the dunes, beautifully isolated and if we had been a bit braver we would have stopped there (N42•58.17′ W09•15.20′) but we decided to carry on to Finisterre.

We arrived at Finisterre at about 4.30, the sun was still out and it was still relatively warm so we found the car park (N42•54.55′ W09•15.58′) and went for a walk into town, avoiding several mad Spanish drivers along the way. We walked past a photographic shop so I went in and bought an 8Gb CF card for my camera so I don’t have to delete any photos I have taken.

No call from Hewlett Packard again today so current plans are to book into a campsite just outside Santiago de Compostella, use their wi-fi to organise the shipping of a replacement hard drive and boot disk to another campsite further south where we will book into for a few days to collect and fit. Sounds like a plan at the moment but we’ll see what happens.

We sat and watched the light fading and saw a small rainbow appear between us, the sea and the mountains behind where we will be tomorrow. We pondered the alternatives, me getting one of the jobs I applied for prior to my position being made redundant, dealing with the day to day petty political rubbish that one has when in one of those positions, Lorna working for a free newspaper, struggling with the day to day life sat in front of a computer and we realised just how lucky we were, zero stress and loving every minute of our life at the moment. Thank God for redundancy and the opportunity it gives you is all I can say, work and all the associated rubbish, forget it! Live your life, don’t just survive and get through it, you are a long time dead.

Finisterre Sunset




3 responses

20 02 2010
John Hallett

And after the crappy redundancy process they put you through you deserve this adventure. Great blog by-the-way.

20 02 2010

Hey Steve and Lorna:

Just caught up with your blog — very envious — looks like you are having a great adventure (and our dog is jealous of Jack)! Best of luck to you both.

21 02 2010

Just linked to your blog via MHF.

Spent a very enjoyable hour or so catching up. Your pictures do you great credit.

Have bookmarked you and am looking forward to more news.

Bill (Baggins’n’the’Bear)

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