16th February 2010 A Coruna to Camarinas

16 02 2010

We were woken up at 7am by somthing very strange. The first thing we heard was some thumping music, we assumed a car had pulled up close to us and turned up their car stereo but when I looked out of the windows I couldn’t see a car parked close by but what I could see was about 25 cars parked down by the bar that we went into last night, even more strange was that there were lots of people dressed up in fancy dress going to the bar, the source of the music. We decided to get up despite it still being dark as we felt safer up than in bed, we opened the window blinds and put the kettle on whilst watching more and more people arrive, some by car, some by taxi and some by minibus, the majority of then in fancy dress. This was all before 8am! I imagine that inside the bar there was a big party going on, probably the continuation of an all-nighter somewhere else, very strange to see, especially the people dressed in bright pink capes and yellow boots.

We watched over a couple of cups if tea and then did the usual filling and emptying before heading to the Carrefour which we had spied yesterday, it was closed. Actually, everything was closed. We had to double chek that it was in fact a Tuesday morning and not a Sunday as everything seemed just a little bit surreal for a mid-week morning.

As planned, we headed off for the Costa da Morte to look at a few wild campng spots that we had marked, all right on the coast. The first stop was at a Lidl store that was open in Carballo as we needed to get food and things for our few nights wild camping, soon after that we pulled up at a beautiful secluded beach in Barizo (N43•18.41′ W008•52.30′). The sand was almost pure white and had been untouched so far that day, Jack soon put that right! The space to park was a little tight and was clearly a ‘spot for lovers’ judging by some of the litter on the floor.

We then headed to Laxe just a bit further along the coast, another place highlighted as having free parking by the beach. The road to get there was not good at all, shaking the van like mad but when we arrived at the car park it was worth it, sheltered from the wind on all sides and just a minutes walk over on a wooden pathway to a massive, wide open and sloping beach (N43•12.48′ W009•01.009′).

On to the beach at Laxe

We had another good walk on the beach with Jack and I managed to find an area of quick sand which I stepped into and suddenly found myself calf deep in wet sand, soaking my boots, socks and jeans. Lower clothing changed we headed off again, this time to Camarinas. I put the location in the sat-nav and was horrified to see that it continued to take me along the same bumpy road, for 11km before the next turn, I drove very slowly all of the way until finally we hit a bigger road with a much better surface.

The port area at Camarinas was very modern with a decked walkway all around the water and parking all along too, so I parked up but realised that the bikes on the back of the motorhome were jutting out into the road so tried again, this time reversing in as far as I could to make sure the bikes were over the pavement and the front was within the parking are (N43•07.43′ W009•11.04′). We had a late lunch and then went for a walk with Jack around the back streets of the town which were much more traditional and then into the port area. We decided to spend the night, as though we might suffer a bit of traffic noise, we both felt safe there.

It must have been some kind of festival day in Spain as again we watched people in fancy dress walking along the streets, again some had bright yellow shoes on. If anyone can throw any light on this we would be grateful.

Oh, and no call from Hewlett Packard today, suprise suprise!




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19 02 2010

Tues was pancake day – mardi gras…. Maybe it was a sort of mardi gras thing?? I’ve had a bit of a google, and it looks like the gay community often have celebrations the week before lent begins….
I’d carry on looking but got to go to work. 😦

19 02 2010

The gay community thing was specifically in parts of spain btw!

26 02 2010
Steve Green

Noty sure it was that Nerys, I’m not sure that sub 10 year olds dressing up for Gay Pride is something that happens even in Spain 🙂

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