15th February 2010 Faro de il la Pancha (Ribadeo) to A Coruna

15 02 2010

After an extremely windy night parked right on the top of the cliffs at Faro de il la Pancha we left at about 11am for the 175km drive to A Coruna which took us up into the hills and back down the other side. The climb up must have lasted for at least 8km and we saw a new road being built virtually next to the one we were on, good job because the road surface in places was extemely poor for the kind of road it was, ie one that took large lorries and had a speed limit of 100km/h in places, I don’t think these roads are doing my suspension much good at all. Again we saw numeous new bridges being built to take the new road, sometimes just the supports were up and at others the road was beginning to stretch across them.

We got to A Coruna at around 2pm and after driving through heavily industrialised areas we arrived at the aire which was located right on the sea front and behind a small fishing port of some kind. The book said it was a 15 minute walk into town but it was much further as we walked all along the sea front and still didn’t get to the main town, instead we ended up walking through the outskirts which were very residential and lacked any particular charm. We did see the modern funicular which resembled one of the pods of the London Eye as well as the piece of art that was erected for the millennium before making our way back to the motorhome. It’s a shame we seemed to be so far away from the centre as I am sure it is all very modern and enjoyable to see, I think we were both a bit tired and couldn’t be bothered to walk the distance we needed to to get into the main part of town.

The Millennium Artwork at A Coruna

Back at the motorhome the temperature had stayed at a reasonable 13 degrees so we sat down with maps and guides to work out our next moves, taking in Santiago de Compostela as well as the west coast of Spain, known as the ‘Costa da Morte’ or Coast of Death due to the amount of shipwrecks that have occurred there.

Later on in the evening we went for a drink at a little bar that overlooked the sea, it was very quiet apart from the music that was playing which was strangely loud for the size of the bar and the four people sat in there.

I realised today that being in A Coruna signifies a bit of a milestone in our travels as from this point on we shall start heading south again, since entering Spain we have been travelling mainly west.

Oh, and no call from Hewlett Packard today, suprise suprise!




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