14th February 2010 Luarca to Faro de il la Pancha (Ribadeo)

14 02 2010

We left the campsite in Luarca with slightly heavy hearts as we had had such a nice time there and, of course, the facilities helped somewhat as well. We headed toward Ribadeo which was just under an hour away on the motorway so we took the N634 instead which took us straight through the town of Luarca and through lots of other little places that were all seperate but also seemed to slightly merge together, no sooner had we left one town, we entered another.

Before hitting Ribadeo we wanted to check out a wild camping spot on the beach at Serentes which had been recommended to us by the Spanish motorhomers we met in Cangas de Onis, we went pretty much straight there despite being on very narrow roads without many signs and in the middle of nowhere. The car park was right overlooking the beach so we got out and had a run around with Jack for a while. We were both more than happy to spend the night there so decided to head into Ribadeo to try and buy some wine (there always seems to be a daily wine run doesn’t there? but they always seem to lead to greater things). We saw a mini-Market at a petrol station so stoppend and stocked up on a couple of cartons of wine, twice the price that it was in the supermarkets but still under €2, and then decided to have a look at another wild camping spot in Vilafamil, again one pointed out to us in Cagnas de Onis. Whilst we were driving through even smaller towns with even smaller roads, with no signposts for Vilafamil, I decided to point the sat-nav toward the nearest POI from the Spanish Furgovw internet site (a site that I think is for Spanish VW owners which has a POI download for wild camping spots) and there was on just 3km away so we headed there. On the way we could see a lighthouse on the coast and I said to Lorna that I hoped it was near to that. When we got closer to our target we realised that indeed it was there, and we parked up on top of the cliffs overlooking two lighthouses, a perfect spot to be, if a little windy! (N43•33.17′ W7•02.32′)

Faro de il la Pancha

Lorna cooked some fresh sauce for our pasta and we spent the afternoon, buffeted by the wind, drinking wine and eating our meal.




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