13th February 2010 Luarca

13 02 2010

We had thought that we would move on today and head toward A Coruna but decided to spend another day on the campsite in Luarca. A couple of reasons for this, the rain was pelting down, Lorna wanted to update her blog here and I needed the continued internet access to keep up the communication with Hewlett Packard to get my laptop problems sorted out.

I had sent some emails to HP yesterday and felt as though I may have been getting somewhere but today what I had already sent seemed to have been disregarded and I had to start virtually from scratch, explaining that I was travelling and don’t have a UK address for them to send a replacement hard drive to and all I needed was an address in Spain where I could take the laptop to be repaired. Eventually this got through and it now appears that the Spanish HP support people will be ringing me to help sort it. I have to say that I don’t hold out much hope as I am sure they will want to collect it, repair it and send it back to a Spanish address which is not really going to work unless I can use a post office or campsite reception, we’ll see anyway, I just hope the person that phones can speak English!

Aside from that we had a fairly peaceful and relaxing day, the weather brightened enough for us to walk Jack and the remainder of the afternoon was spent browsing apps on my iTouch, logging my photos and generally being fairly lazy playing some new games I had installed.

We are definitely moving on tomorrow and will be heading for Ribadeo, a bit further along the north coast of Spain where we will probably spend a night or two before heading off to A Coruna.

That should cure my itchy feet at least!




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