12th February 2010 Luarca

12 02 2010

We spent another day at the campsite in Luarca today. I got up quite early as I was not sleeping particularly well and took Jack for an early walk. When we were both up and ready we walked down to the port area and took some photographs as the sun was hitting the area quite nicely.

Luarca Port

I had spied a computer shop a couple of days ago where I thought I might be able to purchase a USB external hard drive so I could back up all of my computer files, photos etc. Unfortunately I couldn’t see that they had one in stock so we went to the supermarket to get some tea and returned back to the campsite. I turned on my computer to download the photos I had taken and to my horror it started showing the same problems as I had experienced a few weeks earlier, hard drive scraping and scratching, error messages all over the place and it completely failing to start. Not happy!

I emailed HP support again outlining the problems and stating that I needed it sorting either by repair or replacement.

We had been invited around to Frank and Yvonnes motorhome for drinks in the afternoon so we went round with a bottle of wine and had a nice afternoon chatting and drinking.

When we got back I checked my email to find a reply from HP suggesting that I contact the Spanish HP helpdesk to sort my problem out, not entirely helpful as I don’t speak Spanish and probably wouldn’t get past the options menu on the phone so I emailed back asking them to contact their Spanish arm and arrange a replacement or repair, I have yet to hear back but if their only solution is to pass the buck there will be some very curt emails sent over the next while. I have all of my photos backed up but I really need a computer that works, not too much to ask surely?

At this point I have no confidence in HP products whatsoever and if they fail to offer the kind of support that an international warranty should deliver I shall never buy another HP product again and will discourage others from doing do too.




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13 02 2010

Steve, you need to back up that hard drive BEFORE it eventually fails altogether – it will!

Don’t rely on it struggling along – it will let you down eventually….

Blog, however is great! Keep up the good work.

13 02 2010
Steve Green

I now have all of my photos backed up and am still looking for an external hard drive but it is proving difficult to find one, even the computer store in Luarca didn’t have one in stock so I will continue my search. Thanks for the comments 🙂

13 02 2010
Simon Butler

Have to agree with Neil on both counts – get that HD backed-up if you can and also am really enjoying reading your blog!

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