11th February 2010 Luarca

11 02 2010

We stayed on the campsite in Luarca for another night and had a busy day. We managed to borrow a hoover from the campsite owner and gave the motorhome a really good clean out, removing sand from places we hadn’t realised existed, getting all of the carpets out and hanging them on a washing line and bashing them with a stick to remove all of the dust that had gathered in the pile from the last 8 weeks travelling, the floor was wiped over with disinfectant, the bed was unmade and washed and everything generally tidied up. I think this is something that occasionally needs to be done as it is difficult to keep things totally clean when you are coming in and out all of the time. Whilst we were tidying, we met a British chap called Frank who was parked not too far away in another Hymer and it turned out that they had just made their way back from southern Spain and Portugal and had wild camped for most of the time, we were very quick to invite him and his wife Yvonne around for a cup of tea (it was a bit too early for wine) so we could get some tips.

Tips we got as Frank had been very organised and had noted GPS co-ordinates for all of the places they had stopped, as well as writing on their map, co-incidentally the same map that we had. We ended up with a map full of recommendations of where to stop, including GPS co-ordinates, with various tales of their experiences along the way, a very enjoyable afternoon indeed.

After this we walked to the local shop to replenish our wine stock and made it back in time just to avoid the small hail storm that came. Funny day for weather all told really, we actually had snow this morning which lasted for a mere 5 minutes, then the sun came out and the temperature went up to about 9 degrees which was as warm as it got all day, cold from our recent levels but certainly a lot warmer than in the UK.

Not the most interesting of blogs but that’s the way it goes sometimes, sorry about that 🙂




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12 02 2010
David Turner

Don’t apologise about the blog – I don’t tend to think too much about the domestic chores but it must be quite an issues walking in sand and dirt from outside in a confined space. I s’pose you’re doing your share with the feather duster and the elbow grease…?

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