10th February 2010 Luarca

10 02 2010

Another good nights sleep and we were up and about by 11am 🙂

Jack needed a good walk as he didn’t get much exercise yesterday so we headed out to try and find the town centre, and a cash machine as we were running out of paper money. We looked at a few maps on the wall of the campsite office (whilst Jack did his best to catch and eat the owners black cat) and then we walked off confident that we knew exactly where we were going. Unfortunately we were wrong and ended up pretty much back where we started, so I went into a local shop to buy some cigarettes and ask for directions for the town centre. The language barrier again reared it’s head as I managed to ask the question but then couldn’t understand the answer. iTouch apps for giving the questions in the language you want are great but they don’t help at all when the answer isn’t given in English!

We managed to decipher the sign language and made our way to the port area. We had thought that the area we were in was a little sleepy town but this was soon put to rest when we saw the port from above.

Luarca Port

We headed down to the bustling town centre where there was a massive street market on, selling everything from pigs heads to duvet covers. After a good walk round we found the cash machine and withdrew our limit so we are now ok for cash for the moment and strangely we were suprised to see that the actual conversion rate was pretty good meaning that actually instead of being over budget we were pretty much spot on………..happy days!

We walked around for a little while longer and noticed that everything was starting to close so headed back to the motorhome, seeing this view on the way back. Taken from pretty much the same spot as the previous photo.

White Houses of Luarca

Back at the campsite we had baked beans on toast (with a fried egg on top) and did a pile of washing (interesting stuff eh, but it has to be done) and then had proper showers in the shower block. I gave the sites free wi-fi a right bashing downloading episodes of Coronation Street (sometimes it’s nice to catch up) and then a tea of fresh prawns with garlic was had with some more of the cheap wine we got from the supermarket the day before. It started raining again.




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10 02 2010

I gave the sites free wi-fi a right bashing downloading episodes of Coronation Street

*shakes head in despair*


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