9th February 2010 Covadonga to Luarca

9 02 2010

It rained all night and continued to rain in the morning as we both woke up from a great nights sleep on the car park below the Basillica. It was heavy rain, sheeting down so we decided that driving for a while would be a good use of our time.

We checked maps and Lorna made a few phonecalls to some campsites on the north coast of Spain and found one that was open, had wi-fi, washing facilities and was reasonably cheap (€16 a night) so we headed off on the 2 hour journey. Not long after we left the weather got slightly better with the sun starting to make an appearance making the driving a little easier.

The Spanish roads seem to be going through a bit of a revolution at the moment with major road works all over the place. The most amazing sight was where the main road (the A8/E70) had been closed and they were building a new bridge. This is the second time that we have seen this happening and to drive by and see the road simply hanging in the air hundreds of feet above the ground whilst between two supports is an absolutely incredible sight, unfortunately we are going past at 90km/h which makes getting a photograph difficult.

We wanted to get to a supermarket to get some food and drink for the evening and found it difficult to find one. In Framce they were everywhere but it’s not the case in Spain from our experience so far. Eventually we passed one and turned around to go back, then turned around again as I missed the turning and then turned around again as there was a no left turn sign by the entrance, they certainly make it difficult to get there but, shopping done, we carried on with our journey.

We arrived at Luarca at about 3.30pm and settled into a spot right by the reception which meant we could access the wi-fi from inside the motorhome. The rest of the day was spent updating the blogs and uploading photos onto Flickr as well ad eating a superb piece of pork shin with roast veg and drinking cheap wine from a carton, €0.89 for 1 litre. That’ll help keep costs down!




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