8th February 2010 Cangas de Onis to Covadonga

8 02 2010

We had a bit of business to sort out today. Yesterday I managed to find a free wi-fi spot in the town so I quickly downloaded my emails in the street on my iTouch. One of them was reporting a problem getting rent off one of the tenants we have so the first call this morning was to the agency to sort it. Luckily it was a basic administration error so no need to worry. Secondly, Jack had developed a bit of a gammy eye so we took him to a vets in town. The vet checked him out and told us what the problem was, in Spanish. Obviously we had no idea what the diagnosis was without the vet resorting to sign language which he duly did and we then gathered that it was simply a dry eye. He gave Jack the first of his prescribed treatment and then handed us several syringes of eye wash and some drops for us to administer every day for a week. Preparing for the worst I got my wallet out, expecting a bill of at least €30 for the consultation alone, I nearly fell over when he handed me a bill of €8.90, it seems that vets in the UK are on to a pretty good thing.

Did I mention that it was an awful day? Well it rained consistently throughout the morning and when we returned to the motorhome we had a cup of tea and tried to decide where we would go next. As we were debating the options an English couple in a converted Ford Transit pulled up behind us and so I went for a chat. They had been travelling for 10 months and had been to many places including Corsica which they raved about. We asked if they had been to Covadonga (a place recommended by two other people we had spoken to, but with no ‘official’ parking) as it was just 10 minutes up the road and it turned out they had spent the last two nights there without any problems. That was good enough for us so we did the usual filling and emptying (the toilet cassette being a particulary nasty one as we had run out of the chemical that is used to break down the solids – my apologies if you are reading this over your lunch) and made our way to the small town of Cavadonga.

As you approach around a bendy road the Bascillica suddenly appears, it’s two spires protruding, in today’s case, into a dank and misty sky. The clouds hung around all of the hills surrounding the town and the rain continued to clatter on to the roof of the motorhome. We found a prudent place to park, right beside a gushing waterfall, and waited for the rain to ease off before venturing out with Jack for a walk up to the small town.

The light was beginning to drop and the mist and clouds were still hanging around making for a very atmospheric photo opportunity, the rain started again but I stuck it out and got wet (so did Lorna and Jack, bless ’em)

The Basillica at Covadonga




2 responses

9 02 2010
Simon Butler

Hi Steve

Am still enjoying reading about your grand adventure (well apart from the solids!). Sounds like you’re having a fab time. Looking forward to your next update.



10 02 2010

realy enjoying your bolg keep em comeing

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