7th February 2010 Cangas de Onis

7 02 2010

We woke up quite late and decided that a Spanish Sunday lunch was in order so we took Jack for a good walk around the town of Cangas de Onis where there was a large (ish) market on, people selling everything from pirated CD’s and DVD’s to wooden clogs. We went to the Roman bridge and then back to the motorhome to drop Jack off. After this we went to a local restaurant and took advantage of their menu of the day for €10 a head, I had egg and garlic with vegetables for a starter whilst Lorna had a fish paella. For the main I had veal and chips amd Lorna pork shoulder with chips, all very tasty and the restaurant owner was keen to see that we had a good meal.

We then got tempted by the local bar where everyone was drinking Vermouth so we joined in. The bar had wood chips on the floor and photos of previous owners looking suitably dowd above the bar. They served local cider by pouring a small measure from a great height and expecting the customer to drink it straight down, anything left from the first gulp was cast on the floor. We finished our drinks there and then happened upon a busy square which was being serviced by another bar. What to do?

We went into the bar and Lorna ordered a Vermouth whilst I decided to try the local cider, only available in 70cl bottles and you couldn’t pour it yourself, you bought the bottle, the barman then served it to you whenever you wanted, again pouring it from a great height and every time you were expected to drink it straight off. A very strange way to drink cider compared to the English pint. Bottle drank and another Vermouth for Lorna we were both fairly happy with life and we convinced the barman to sell us another bottle of cider to take back with us.

Back at the motorhome we got chatting to the Spanish in the motorhomes next to us, they didn’t speak English and us not Spanish but we conversed for about two hours, them telling us where we could park for free along the coast (even giving us a Spanish camping book) and very keen to look around our motorhome. We gave them cans of Heinz Baked Beans and they gave us a can of something (Callos con Jambon) comprising of pigs trotters, pork snout, beef paw meat and beef tripe, we look forward to eating that at a later date!

Later in the evening we settled down, watching Only Fools and Horses and The Vicar of Dibley before retiring to bed.




2 responses

10 02 2010
David Turner

Sounds like an excellent day!

10 02 2010
Ian Wright

Fabulous, the North is lovely, we were staying in a place called Poo, near Llanes a couple of years ago. The North is is the part of Spain that catches people out, certainly Galicia has a climate more akin to Ireland compared with the heat down South.

Make sure you try some of the local Asturia stew “Fabada Asturiana”, it is fabulous.

You ought to try http://www.adventure-cafe.com/Galleries/PicosMountains05/themightycaresgorge.html the Cares gorge whilst you are there, one of the most spectacular walks in Europe, not so good if you don’t like heights though! We made a start on it a few years ago but it was about 25 degrees so we had to give up after a few miles.

On the Asturian coast they also have lots of what are known locally as “buffons”, these are esentially blow holes, you can sneak up and listen to the huge noise below before a little bit of sea puffs out, really rather specatcular

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