6th February 2010 Cabarceno to Cangas de Onis

6 02 2010

We left Cabarceno at about 11am and made our way to the town of Santillana which is an ancient town with cobbled streets, some lovely old buildings and a striking church. We pulled up on the car park right behind the motorhome of the Spanish couple that we had next to us last night just as they were getting out of their van, the usual ‘Hola’ and a smiles were exchanged before we left to have a wander around the town. It was typically touristy though which meant shops selling tat and many restaurants and hotels, numerous coaches had unloaded a hoarde of tourists there as well, not that I have anything against tourists obviously, we are they.

After a short walk around we returned to the motorhome ready to move on, I bought some Golden Virginia from the local shop, €4.85 for a 50g pack which is a silly price considering you pay near to £7 on the black market in the UK (the Daily Telegraph that Lorna bought was much worse value at €4.30). We then hit the CA131 and then the N634 looking for a possible sleep over spot.

We pulled up on the car park at Comillas deciding to have some lunch before our next jaunt onwards when who should pull up next to us but the Spanish couple we saw at Santillana, were they following us, or us them? I decided that we needed some advice as to where we could spend the night as it appeared that parking the motorhome and stopping could get you a ticket (or worse) from the local police if you were in the wrong place. Luckily they spoke English very well and guided us toward a beach about an hour away where they said motorhomes usually park, also commenting that Northern Spain is difficult to ‘wild camp’ with very few aires like in France and Germany, we already had that feeling but they confirmed it.

We decided to carry on our drive to Llanes, there was a car park there that was detailed in our aires book but it specified day parking only, we thought we would have a look anyway and took the opportunity to stretch our legs and give Jack a run on the beach. The sea here was really rough, crashing against the rocks and throwing water way up into the air.


There were two other motorhomes there but neither looked like they would be stopping so we left and headed toward the spot the Spanish couple had told us about at Vega.

We arrived at the beach at Vega to find all of the parking spaces filled with cars and a very busy restaurant, we had to move on. We then went to the next beach at Berbes but found that there was no parking there either, actually there wasn’t even a car park. After this things got a little confused, it was getting on for 3.30pm and we knew that we needed to find somewhere both safe and legal to park for the night so we carried on along the coastal road stopping off at every sign for the beach to see if we could find somewhere suitable. One place we stopped looked ideal, a cafe car park right overlooking the sea, level but isolated, we decided against as there was only one way in and one way out.

The next stop was at Caravia (I think) where we found a car park, right on the beach but it had a no camping sign, we saw a VW camper on the opposite side of the beach so I took Jack for a walk over to see if they were stopping the night, they weren’t and they also said that if we stopped where we were parked it would be likely that we would get a ticket or fine if the police came past and saw us, though where they were parked it wouldn’t be a problem. Unfortunately where they were parked was on grass and knowing that we had had rain for the past two mornings I wasn’t prepared to risk getting stuck.

Whilst I was away Lorna had scoured the aires book and found an aire about 40 minutes away so we plotted that in the sat-nav and made our way there. The road there took us right over the mountains that we had been in awe of for so long, numerous S bends to get up and the same on the way down with some absolutely stunning views of the snow capped peaks and small villages of 20 or fewer houses.

Eventually we arrived at Cangas de Onis and parked up in a large car park with a few other motorhomes, legally parked and tired we had our tea and disposed of the stresses of the day with a few glasses of wine.




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