5th February 2010 Cabarceno

5 02 2010

Neither of us settled very well during the night, maybe because we both felt that we were quite isolated, maybe because we had seen some ‘boy racers’ yesterday evening or maybe because there seemed to be cars coming and going at strange times during the night, whatever the reason we didn’t sleep well and both woke up in a fairly grumpy mood. We couldn’t decide if we were going to move on or not and neither of us had a clue where we would head if we did, so, we decided to stay put, spend another night and worry about it later on.

It was another glorious day and despite there being a bit of rain early morning, by noon it was clear blue skies and a temperature outside of 25 degrees. We took Jack for a walk and realised that we were right next to the grounds of a safari park. We had an idea from the description in the aires book but it obviously didn’t quite sink in yesterday. The elephant enclosure was just a minutes walk from where we were parked and it soon became clear that this was a beautiful place to be, quiet, great views, elephants, water and lots of geese.

Elephants at Cabarceno

We explored the small town and kept seeing coaches coming down a hill in the distance, when we reached the far end of town we saw where they were all headed, the main area of the park where a falconry display was being performed for a load of school kids. We watched for a while from a distance before heading back for lunch.

We decided to move the motorhome to the edge of the lake and spent a relaxing afternoon sat by the side of it, we even had the deck chairs out.

By the lake at Cabarceno

Later on in the afternoon we watched the sun cast some lovely warmth over the mountains in the distance whilst another motorhome pulled up beside us giving us the probability of a better nights sleep.

Evening Light




3 responses

10 02 2010
David Turner

Great photos – the elephants look slightly bizarre in that landscape.

21 03 2011
Cabarceno blog

Nice pics!!!

24 03 2011
Steve Green


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