2nd February 2010 Biarritz

2 02 2010

Road noise was a bit of an issue for me this morning as I was awake at around 7.30am, woken by cars and lorries thundering past the aire that we were on, we were seperated by trees but it didn’t cut the din down very much. We both got up and showered and then filled our water tank back up using the watering can, both of us managing to get soaked by the rather fierce tap that threw water out at an amazing rate.

We made the most of the early start by making sandwiches and heading off along the beach into Biarritz centre, it was a wonderfully sunny day without a cloud in the sky.

Biarritz Beach

As always Jack managed to make some friends on the beach, running around with two huskies until he was tired out and ready for a rest, little did he realise we were going for a long walk.

The Pyrenees were much clearer today, very strange to see snow capped mountains in the distance when the sun was so bright as we wandered along the beach.

The Pyrenees from Biarritz Beach

Everything seems to take so much longer these days as by the time we had arrived at the bridge it was time for us to sit in the sun and eat our dinner.

The Famous Bridge at Biarritz

We the walked into the centre of town and had a browse around the shops and streets, most of the shops open for a change, and then back onto the beach heading back to the aire. Whilst Lorna took off her shoes and socks and paddled in the sea I looked after a reluctant Jack, watching the suffers take advantage of the warm weather and decent waves. Stopping only for a drink at a little bar we were back at the motorhome at about 3.30pm and spent about 10 minutes there before deciding to go back to sit on the beach. After a while watching the surfers again I decided to take the 5 minute trip back to the motorhome to get my camera. I took one batch and realised that the surfers themselves were a tad underexposed so I dialled in 1/3 of compensation and the result was much better. Shame I didn’t have any more zoom as 200mm on a full frame camera just isn’t enough, these were cropped quite heavily.

Biarritz Surfer

We had another drink at the bar and watched the surfers a little longer before going back and having roast chicken for dinner.

It’s so much nicer when the sun shines and Biarritz is a top place to be, no charge for the aire yesterday either, hopefully the same tonight and then we are off further south again.




4 responses

3 02 2010

Enjoying the continued post guys. Very jealous….Look forward to seeing the images when they eventually make it on to the posts!

3 02 2010
David Turner

Great story – and looking forward to the photos

9 02 2010
Steve Green

Photos are coming up folks, uploading the blogs from my iTouch and inserting photos minutes later!

10 02 2010
David Turner

The photos are, predictably, excellent and well worth waiting for.

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