1st February 2010 Capbreton to Biarritz

1 02 2010

Up and out by 10am this morning as we wanted to get filled up with diesel, LPG and shopping as well as making a Skype call to Steve and Sonia who we had been in contact with for a while. They set off on their travels at about the same time as us and we had swapped information prior to them leaving the UK in December. We had missed the opportunity to meet up in France unfortunately as we emailed at different times and when we did eventually tie up they were north of us. Anyway, they were now house sitting just outside of Limoges for the next few weeks and we worked out that we may be able to meet up on the eastern side of Spain in the future.

We did the shopping and other duties before leaving for Biarritz at about 12.30, arriving there about an hour later , the sat nav taking us a very weird way around Biarritz but it got us there ok. There were numerous other British motorhomes parked at the aire and it was fairly full. As we had topped up the LPG tanks we thought this an ideal time to see if we were still losing a bit of gas using a guide for checking for leaks in the Truma instructions. It turned out that we were so I started checking all of the connections on the gas system, quicky realising that I hadn’t got the right tool I was soon talking to the other Brits there begging an adjustable spanner. I soon had a small crowd around me as we all checked for loose connections, even the chap next to us who was German was helping out. After finding a slightly loose connection and tightening it we were all fairly satisfied that the issue was cured though I do have to make sure I get myself a thin adjustable spanner for future tightenings.

We then went for a walk into town to find the La Poste to send some postcards and presents, it rained and we got soaked on the way back, Jack included. It was nice though to see the Pyrenees just that little bit closer up compared to yesterday, if it’s a clearer day tomorrow the view should make a nice photograph, hoping for a sunny day tomorrow.

We returned to the motorhome and hung around for a while before a knock at the door which introduced us to Clare, another Brit on the site who’s partner we had talked to earlier at the taps. We invited her in and talked about where we had been and where they had been for a while before finding out that they work as Wardens at British campsites for eight months of the year and travel for the other four, having visited Austrailia, Morocco and loads of other places, quite amazing. So, we now have ideas of aiming toward a lifestyle of working for a number of months throughout the year and travelling for the rest, house sitting or being Wardens on the possible list of future jobs, and this after only one month in!

We popped back round to Clare and Bob’s motorhome later that evening to have a look at their van before returning to our dinner of prawns, salmon, roast potatos and haricot vert.




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