30th January 2010 Mimizan Plage to Vieux-Boucau les Bains

30 01 2010

The Aire at Vieux-Boucau les Bains

We were unsure as to whether we were going to leave Mimizan Plage today as we had been having such a lovely time with the people there. David and Anne came round for coffee mid-morning and we had a chat with Ken and Lynda before having a tidy out (between more showers), filling with water, emptying the waste and finally leaving Mimizan Plage at about 1.30 with some good memories. We hoped that we would be able to upload our blogs and photos but didn’t pass any well known burger outlets on the way to our next stop, Vieux-Boucau les Bains, about an hour or so away. The sat nav decided to take us on a different route than we thought and took us all the way on the D652, through numerous different little towns, none with supermarkets that were open and nowhere to fill up our LPG bottles, something I think we will have to get used to quite quickly as in Spain it is not as common and so difficult to get hold of. We arrived at Vieux-Boucau les Bains which is a specific motor home park set in tall trees with gravel paths at pitches, very pleasant despite the fact that the rain came back. On entry you take a ticket from the machine and the barrier allows entry. There are electric points dotted around but some were not working so we found one that was and parked up. We were told that the charge was 5 euros for 24 hours, electric included.




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31 01 2010

At last – you’ve finally found a bit of wi-fi!

Glad to hear you’re both keeping well and having some good times.

Especially looking forward to seeing your dune pix – so there better be some crackers in there! 😉

31 01 2010

Glad you’re having such a great time, and very glad your precious photos have been saved from the hard disc!

1 02 2010

Great to read what a good time you’re having! You seem to have visited most of the aires that we did during 2009 and we’re very envious while waiting to get going again this year ourselves. Hopefully we’ll be on your tail in a couple of weeks!

Keep blogging!

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