26th-30th January 2010 Mimizan Plage

26 01 2010

We got up at around 10am and we were walking in the massive beach at Mimizan Plage by mid-day, in the sun, but there was a chill in the air after a bit of frost overnight. We returned to the van and did some washing, by hand, the British couple, Ken and Lynda, over the way from us lent us their spin drier after they saw us manually wringing out our clothes, most appreciated indeed. For our lunch we had some lovely home made soup that Lorna had done yesterday and then we just relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. Lots more vans turned up today too. Not much else to report really, a very quiet and relaxing day.

Lorna at Mimizan Plage

On Wednesday we were woken at 9am by the Police knocking on the door after their 6 euros, we paid them and went back to bed for a couple more hours. We eventually got up Lorna went round to David and Annes motorhome for a chat (the couple from Nothumberland who we had met just outside L’Aguillion sur Mer on the 12th January). Whilst she was there I filled the water tanks up and had a shower. Lorna returned saying that we had been invited for a drink at Ken and Lyndas that evening. We walked Jack and went to the small supermarket to get some supplies before returning when Lorna showered and dud some more washing. Later on I took Jack on to the beach as the sun began to set, it was like a massive fireball in the sky so I rushed back to get both my camera and Lorna expecting a superb sunset. It turned out to be a bit of an anti-climax unfortunately but it was still nice to be on the beach watching the sun disappear for another day.

Mimizan Sunset

We ate our tea and then went over to Ken and Lyndas where we had a very good evening chattting and drinking. We got to bed late!

Thursday and Friday were both pretty miserable days with heavy rain showers throughout so we spent most of the time watching DVDs and generally cleaning up, sand gets everywhere! Also we did a bit of maintainence on our gas system as we were aware of a slight smell of gas outside at times. David (from Northumberland) came to the rescue as I hadn’t got a spanner wide enough to tighten the fittings so this now done we are hoping our gas smell will now be gone for good.

Later on Friday, Ken and Lynda came round for a chat and a drink and we had another enjoyable night in their company.




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