25th January 2010 Gaste to Mimizan Plage

25 01 2010

After a short stroll by the lake at Gaste this morning we headed on to Mimizan Plage as we had heard from another couple that we were in contact with that it had all the facilities like water and electric and that there were numerous other motor homes there. The drive was about 40 minutes and we parked up along with around 20 other motor homes, two of them British including the people from Northumberland we had met a week or so ago. You have to pay at Mimizan Plage but there is as much water and electricity as you need, 6 euros per day, bargain.

We soon got chatting to the other British couple, Ken and Lynda, who lived in their massive American RV full time, they mentioned that they had processional catterpillars here a few weeks back so we decided to keep Jack on a tight leash, there were also a lot of wild cats about too, he would have a right old time if we let him off!

On the Beach.

It looks like we may well stay here for a few nights, the weather is decent, it’s secure and there are other Brits about and it will be nice just to relax and get more of our photos/blogs done, have a tidy out and fully recharge so we can be completely done before we move on further south and into Spain, it’s not that far away now.




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