24th January 2010 Blasimon to Gastes via The Dunes of Pilat

24 01 2010

Today was the day when we headed back toward the Atlantic coast from our little diversion inland, setting us up for the journey into Spain. We were much closer to the coast than I had realised and we arrived at The Dunes of Pilat easily within two hours.

Lorna had wanted to visit the dunes, the largest in Europe, for a while after reading about them I’m a motorhoming book and what a good decision that was. The dunes are amazing, after the steep climb up to the top of the first peak you are treated to a view over the Atlantic ocean and the mass of sand just disappears into the distance with numerous peaks jutting into the skies.

Dunes of Pilat

Jack of course had a wonderful time, running up to the top of the first peak whilst we struggled up, sinking six inches into sand with each step. Once we were at the top he ran around like he hadn’t had any exercise for weeks, coming back to us covered in sand and panting like a good ‘un. We walked all the way along the top of the dunes to the highest peak we could see, stopping ocassionally to take photos as the light from the mid-afternoon sun lit up different parts of the sandy landscape. What an incredible place to be, just stunning. After I ran down the steep side of the dunes like an excited teenager we got back to the motorhome and de-sanded ourselves and headed off to have a look at the aire I’m Gastes.

Kite Flying

One thing that you notice in France is just how straight the roads are. The sat-nav directed me to the D652 and the next instruction was to go straight over the traffic island 12.8km away. For 12.8km the road didn’t bend once, perfectly straight all the way. The same was true for the D46, the next road, but this lost out on the straigtness competition as I had to turn slightly left after about 8km.

We arrived at the aire in Gastes at about 5pm, just in time to watch the sun set over the massive lake that we were parked on the side of, yet another beautiful location, so peaceful and so very relaxing.




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