22nd January 2010 Monbazillac to a vineyard just outside Blasimon

22 01 2010

We had already decided to rise slightly earlier than normal as we wanted to have a nose around Bergerac so we managed to be on the road for the short trip into the centre by 10.30. We parked up at the aire that we decided not to stay at last night and walked into the old town of Bergerac which was very quaint.

BergeracThe newer part of the town kind of creeps upon you as one minute you are in narrow streets with ornate houses and shops and then it changes to a bustling busy town. Lorna went shopping and bought a birthday present for her friends daughter Alex whilst I looked after Jack and prevented him from pissing up the outside displays of clothes for sale at various shops. We then walked over the bridge to another part of town and came across a market so we bought some fresh prawns, salmon and a large baguette for our dinner/tea.

Red Window Shutter - Bergerac

We had planned to stop at Frontenac for the night, after driving through what seemed like endless grape fields we noticed a sign for a vineyard that accepted motorhomes so we thought that would be a great back up plan if we didn’t fancy Frontenac. Typically, we arrived at Frontenac and decided to have a look at the other place we had seen so made our way back. Frontenac was fine, a small village with the aire directly behind the Mairie, a little isolated maybe but fine for a nights stay. I think the experience of staying at Monbazillac spurred us on for another night on a vineyard!

We followed the sign back to the vineyard but on arriving the gate was closed and there was no answer on the intercom. Deciding that the aire would be fine we started our way back. The roads we were on were narrow, just enough room for two cars and I am in the habit of pulling over if there is a car behind me just to make my driving more relaxing. Pretty much as soon as we reversed out of the driveway of the vineyard a car was behind me so I pulled over to let them past. The car behind didn’t pass, instead the lady driver wound her window down and started talking to us. Lorna got out and within seconds I gathered that she was inviting us to her house! She gave us directions and then drove off saying she would see us later on. The place she invited us to, Domaine de Grande Homme, was her and her husbands vineyard which was in the France Passion book (page 181) and we were greeted by a very large barking dog.

Her husband, Bertrand, welcomed us and showed us around his little shop and then some bedrooms where he has people staying, pretty much like a small bed and breakfast. We were invited for tea but we declined as we had some lovely salmon to enjoy.

The sun was out and it was about 15 degrees outside so out came the deck chairs and the wine and we spent a very pleasurable afternoon sat outside with Jack. Garlic prawns and pan fried salmon for tea. Hard life!




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24 01 2010

A hard life indeed…

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