21st January 2010 Monbazillac

21 01 2010

Bit of a strange day today in that we spent the majority of our time at a well known burger outlet. Actually it was McDonalds and they deserve a mention as their provision of free wi-fi has allowed us both to upload our blogs, do a bit of research, answer emails, talk to our letting agents via Skype and cancel some direct debits from the bank accounts, all for the price of a couple of coffees and bugers.

I managed to get my blog uploaded without any problems using only my iTouch and the WordPress application, I sent an email to Hewlett Packard about my faulty laptop (apparently they have offices in both Bordeaux and Toulouse which are both quite close) and I also managed to find a possible answer to our faulty temperature guage (thanks to the people at motorhomefun.co.uk), apparently it’s a common thing and a simple fix is to disconnect the speedo cluster and reconnect. I’ll try and find that particular plug tomorrow if I get chance but that information has probably saved us a fair bit if money!

We returned to Monbazillac, which by the way produces the nicest rose wine I have tasted, at about 6pm after a short trip into Bergerac where the aire was right on the main road (not ideal and noisy!), walked Jack, caught up on a few text messages, ate tea (which turned out to be steak hache, essentially beef burgers…..two in one day! Shocking), watched a DVD and went to bed. We intend to go to Bergerac tomorrow for a good look around.




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