19th January 2010 Sainte Cyprien to La Roque Gageac via Soirac en Perigord , Beynac-et-Cazenac,

19 01 2010

I woke up fairly early compared to the more usual 10am and got up to make a cup of tea and to switch on my laptop to see if the rest had done it any good. It hadn’t. For me this is a bit of a disaster, my photos from Cognac, Oradour sur Glane and other places are on the hard disc which the computer says does not exist. My blog words are safe as they are being done on the WordPress app for my iTouch which is one positive I suppose.

I went to the tourist office to find out if there was a computer shop nearby and the nearest was 8km away in the next town. I wanted to make sure I got there before the two hour lunch so we packed up and made our way.

We found the little computer shop fairly easily and Lona went in to explain the problem, the chap said he would look at the laptop tonight and ring her with his suggestions. The laptop is still under the HP one year warranty but whilst we are travelling there is no chance of getting it sent and returned.

The possible outcomes are as follows:

A/ The guy repairs the fault without having to replace the hard drive, all my files and programs are kept.

B/ The hard drive is dead but he is able to fit a new one and recover some of my files. Warranty voided.

C/ The hard drive is dead and all my files and programs are lost in replacing with a working one. Warranty voided.

D/ The computer is unrepairable and I have to buy a replacement and get mine replaced under warranty when I get home in June.

Whichever of the above happens (except ‘A’ of course, but if that was the outcome I’ll be putting my life savings on the Euro Millions) I will lose my photos that I have not managed to get online, I will lose my installation of Photoshop and it will takes ages to get the laptop back to how I need it. It’s hard enough trying to get an Internet connection most of the time but when I need to download raw codecs and the like to get my photos recognised it’s not a good situation to be in. Not a happy bunny at all!!

I suppose I might be able to download some file recovery software to see if the photos I will be missing are still on my formatted CF cards but I don’t hold out much hope.

So, computer issues out of the way for the moment.

We went from Soirac en Perigord heading toward Sarlat, a place that I had seen pictures of and wanted to visit. On the way there we stopped off at Beynac-et-Cazenac which had a massive Chateau sat right on top of the hill under which the very small town was. Very tranquil indeed but it didn’t go all the way to getting rid of my computer stresses! I did remember however to shoot both .jpg and raw just incase.

Beynac et Cazenac Chateau

From there we went to Sarlat and drove straight through the centre to the aire which was too far out of town to allow us an easy walk back in, in truth the place didn’t look very pleasant so we decided to head to another aire in La Roque Gageac which is on the banks of the Dordogne. It was a very pleasant spot with the river in front and houses set into the steep yellow cliffs behind. We had a walk around with Jack but as with so many of these small towns in winter, everything was closed, everything!

La Roque Gageac

As we needed some provisions we decided to head back to Sainte Cyprien for the night as there was a supermarket there and we could have electricity if we wanted it.




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31 01 2010
David Turner

Magnficient photograph, Steve – what a place!

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