18th January 2010 St. Alvere to Sainte Cyprien via Tremolat

18 01 2010

We woke up to a fairly thick frost after a wonderfully clear night. A walk into the all village of St. Alvere rewarded us with a very small (maybe 8 stalls) farmers market at which we bought some lovely locally produced cheese and a nice bit of black pork sausage. We needed electricity as my camera and laptop batteries were in dire need of a charging. The lady in the tourist office suggested that the neighbouring town would have electric hook up but we couldn’t find the aire so we headed on to Tremolat for lunch and a possible overnight as it was recommended in the aires book.the toad there was another joy to drive on, narrow but great scenery. Tremolat was nice but not as pretty as the town you drove through to get there, Limeuril. After a light lunch whilst watching some locals play boule we headed toward Sainte Cyprien, a nice looking aire, with electric. After arriving we went for a drink at the local tabac and then returned to the motorhome for tea and charging up, in my case getting my photos of Oradour sur Glane and other places ready for uploading.

St. Cyprien

I managed to get three or four photos done before my laptop started making funny noises before shutting down. It wouldn’t restart…..disaster!!! Frequent attempts to get it going failed and so, to preserve my sanity, I put it away for the night hoping that a rest might help, unlikely but worth a try I supposed.




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