17th January 2010 Hautefort to St. Alvere via Perigueux

17 01 2010

We got up this morning and went for a wander around the streets that surround the Chateau in Hautefort. The mist was down quite heavily and there was a certain dampness in the air. Just before we left I was waiting with Jack outside the motorhome for Lorna, a car pulled up and a woman opened the car door and made a big fuss of Jack before letting out a lurched from her back seat. Obviously, the breed is not particularly common on France as though we have seen many dogs we have never seen a lurcher, greyhound or whippet here. Lorna came out and made conversation whilst I nodded and grunted in what I thought were the right places.

Misty Hautefort

After the walk we put Perigueux in the sat nav and headed off, uphill for a good while through some lovely forest areas and small villages. We were looking out for a Fiat dealer as we entered Perigueux and there was a large one there. Excellent, we could get the temperature guage sorted.

The aire at Perigueux was right on the river and just outside the large centre. We parked up and the skies cleared to a lovely blue colour, we had a short walk around the shops (all closed) and on the way round decided that we wanted to move on rather than spend the night there.

Parked at Perigueux

We’d seen an aire in the town of Tremolat that looked ok so we put that in the sat nav and headed that way. The route was mainly the D2 which took us through some beautiful scenery. Just outside of Tremolat is a village called St. Alvere which, though not in the aires book we have, had an aire with water and electricity, all free. Unfortunately the electricity wasn’t switched on and despite my best efforts I couldn’t get it on, even though the back of the box was open showing the fuse box and switches. Fortunately the water was on so I rigged up my adaptor for the hose and we filled right up. Showers tomorrow!

The town was so lovely and our position almost perfect (right next to a playing field, tennis court and 5 minutes walk into the village, not a soul about) so we decided to stop there for the night, it also helped that the outside temperature was around 13 degrees and we sat and ate our tea whilst Jack surveyed his surroundings through an open door.

One of my favorite aires so far!

Later that evening I noticed that the mist was starting to settle over what I thought to be a lake, thought it made a nice photo.

St. Alvere Trees




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