15th January 2010 Oradour sur Glane

15 01 2010

We needed to get some water as we were out and the expected overnight rain didn’t happen so our rainwater collection concept failed. The France Passion book showed a place about 17km away called Chamboret with a France Passion site that offered water too. Plan was to go and reserve a place for the night, then return to Oradour sur Glane, for the afternoon, sightsee, then, after shopping return to Chamboret for the night, fill up with water and then off again tomorrow.

I’m beginning to consider that planning is a bit of waste of time as things never go according to. Short term planning ie: the next hour seems the way forward.

We arrived at Chamboret and eventually found the France Passion site, a house in the middle of an estate with a large back garden. There was no answer at the door and from what we could see we would be parked on grass, wet grass. Anyone that knows me will know of our troubles in Shrewsbury when I accidentally drove onto wet grass (for those that don’t know me, I got stuck and had to be towed out by a Land Rover, very embarrasing!). Taking all of this into consideration we got the aires book out to see if there was another nearby, there wasn’t. Breakfast was calling so we parked up on a small car park next to the Mayors Office and public toilets to go to the bakery opposite. Lorna checked the toilets first for a tap thinking we might fill a few bottles up to last us for teeth brushing etc. And there was one, and it worked. She then went to get our pain au chocolat. We finished our breakfast and I went to the outside lockers to get the watering can, I then spotted a council worker approaching with a wheelbarrow and asked Lorna to ask him if there was an outside tap somwhere, then appeared a woman who said we should use the one in the toilets, no problem.

Before we came away in December, I had bought a shower attatchment, one of those ones with two sucker type things to go over the tap and a shower head, all plastic. So I got this out and with our existing adaptors, hose and a penknife, fasioned a way to get the water from the tap directly to our water tank. It worked so we filled our tank up to full. Result.

Oradour sur Glane is a place that I had wanted to visit since we initially had the idea of going travelling well over 12 months ago. If you look it up on Wikipedia you will understand why. The idea that during the latter stages of World War 2 a load of Nazis walked into a town and killed everyone in it before setting fire to it in reprisal for the murder of a German officer by the resistance.

The High Street

The scene is a very emotional one to see, the town has been left largely untouched with rusting cars in the street, remains if beds in houses and scales left in the butchers, all slowly decaying, all with their own story to tell if only they could communicate. Behind the town is the cemetery which puts some more context into the place. Disturbing sight.

The Famous Decaying Car at Oradour sur Glane

After a trip to the local supermarket we returned to where we stayed last night and had a nice steak tea and relaxed for the remainder of the day.




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21 01 2010

Crap news about the hard disk…..hopefully some of the data will be recoverable.

Melanie and I visited Oradour…She interviewed one of the handful of folk who survived for a radio thing she was hoping to get commissioned. I found it a very distressing place to be in myself….especially the church.

Enjoying the read so far!…Andy and I are considering heading over to the west coast of Brittany….is it nice?


29 07 2011
June Allen

Lovely photograph of a very sad scene. I am looking for a reference picture to draw in graphite depicting conflict. Would you have any objections to my using the abandoned car for reference?

1 08 2011
Steve Green

You are more than welcome. Thanks for the comment.

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